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Best Amazon Prime Video TV shows you can watch tonight

Amazon Prime members can stream or download a wide selection of TV shows as part of their subscription, although so much choice can be quite daunting when picking your next series to binge on. That’s why we’ve highlighted our favourite seasons of the very best shows that you can watch right now on Prime Video.

Seriously, Amazon Prime is pretty ridiculous value for money right now. Not only do you get free one-day delivery on loads of products; you can also enjoy a wealth of free telly shows, movies, music, books and magazines, all bundled with your subscription.

Amazon Prime Video is stuffed to the guts with a massive selection of great TV shows, which can make choosing your next streaming session rather difficult. To help out, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best series we’ve personally watched on Prime, including lots of exclusive shows that can only be found online with Amazon. Here’s our full recommendations and how to actually enjoy Prime Video on your chosen device.

How do I watch Amazon Prime Video content?

Well, first of all you obviously need an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have full access to the online catalogue, which you can stream via Amazon’s website or else using the Prime Video app.

How can I watch Amazon Prime Video TV shows on my telly?

If you have a smart TV, you might be able to start streaming straight away, as many tellies come with Amazon’s Prime Video app pre-installed. If not, chances are you might find this app on your telly’s online app store.

Alternatively, you can always hook up a smart streamer such as the Amazon Fire TV, or Nvidia’s Shield TV. Check out our complete guide on watching Prime Video on your telly for all you need to know.

How can I watch Amazon Prime Video TV shows on my smartphone or tablet?

If you have an iPhone, you can stream TV shows using Amazon’s Prime Video app. Just head to the App Store and search for the app and when it’s downloaded, sign in with your Amazon creds.

Alternatively, Android owners will have to download another Amazon app first, as the Prime Video offering can’t be found on Google Play. Check out our full instructions to get started.

Note that you can even download episodes of your favourite TV shows using the Prime Video app, to watch offline. The selection of seasons available to download is really strong, with Amazon’s original content and other shows mostly free to grab.

What are the best Amazon Prime Video TV shows right now?

Whether you’re after hard-hitting drama, compelling thrillers or rib-tickling comedy shows, here’s our favourite series that you can stream on Prime Video right now.

Parks and Recreation

If you want a light-hearted American sitcom starring some of the best comedy talent around, Parks & Rec is a great way to fill your lunch breaks. Leslie Knope, played by the always brilliant Amy Poehler, is a council worker who makes it her life mission to fill in a hazardous pit and turn it into a local park. Even if nobody else actually wants it.

The supporting cast is fantastic and includes Nick Offerman (in his best role to date), Aziz Ansari and a slightly tubby Chris Pratt. You might cringe just as much as you laugh, yet that doesn’t stop Parks & Rec from being one of the best long-lasting comedies available now on Amazon Prime Video.

The Night Manager

We were absolutely gripped by this James Bond-style spy thriller when it first aired on the Beeb and now you can catch all six episodes of the single season as part of your Prime membership.

Based on a John Le Carre novel, The Night Manager stars Tom Hiddleston as hotel worker Jonathan Pine. He’s used to dealing with arrogant guests, but when a violent murder takes place under his watch, Pine makes it his personal mission to bring the guilty to justice.

Hugh Laurie is on top form as the deliciously evil Roper, who keeps his friends close and enemies closer. Here’s hoping he gets the chance to play more baddies in future shows.

Downton Abbey

This quintessentially British period drama follows the residents of the titular manor, as they deal with family blow-outs over inheritances and other dramas. Over eight seasons you come to really know and care for the Crawley family, no matter how stuffy or ridiculous they may seem at first. Maggie Smith is on top venomous form and the production values can’t be knocked, especially when it comes to extravagant costumes and locations.

Ray Donovan

The new series of Ray Donovan is currently showing on Sky Atlantic, and you can catch up with the first four seasons in their entirety right now on Amazon Prime Video.

Liev Schreiber is worthy of his top billing in the role of Ray, a troubled individual who helps to fix the problems of LA’s elite. No matter how sordid or illegal. Of course, Mr Donovan has plenty of issues of his own, including regular spats with his own family members. Jon Voight lights up the screen and has never been more obscene, while Eddie Marsan impresses as always.

The Fall

This dark drama about the hunt for a serial killer is one of the more intriguing crime thrillers to hit UK TV in recent times. Gillian Anderson plays the detective hunting 50 Shades actor Jamie Dornan, as he stalks his prey across Belfast. We see the story from both of their perspectives as the pair become tangled in each other’s lives, leading to some tense and seriously uncomfortable moments.

Brilliant acting and tight scripting make for a gripping watch all-round. You can catch all three seasons on Amazon Prime Video right now.


BrainDead might sound utterly ridiculous from its premise, and you wouldn’t be wrong. This darkly comic tale of a Washington senator’s assistant (who just happens to be his sister to boot) goes beyond your usual political dramas, especially when she discovers that mutant bugs are taking control of Congress.

If you fancy a cross between West Wing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this is probably as close as you’re going to get.

The X-Files

Sure, some of the older episodes may not have aged particularly gracefully, yet The X-Files still remains very watchable in 2017. A large part of that is down to the brilliant dynamic between Mulder and Scully, who find themselves confronted by everything from murderous aliens and mutant viruses to deadly shadows and killer cockroaches.

You can watch every series of The X-Files right now on Amazon, including the recent reboot.

The Walking Dead (S1-S4) & Fear the Walking Dead

How can I watch or stream The Walking Dead?The first four seasons of The Walking Dead are currently available to veg out in front of on Amazon Prime now and later this month, all six episodes of spin-off show Fear the Walking Dead will land just in time for an Easter Weekend binge. 

If you want to get seasons 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead then you’ve got a number of extra options – none of which are Amazon Prime Video, unfortunately. 


Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Which is the best?Chances are you’ve already seen this a million times already, but if you’ve been living in a cave and you’ve not seen any of the BBC’s ultra-slick 21st Century retelling of Sherlock Holmes, then you can caper through all nine episodes with an Amazon Prime subscription now. 

There’s also currently some bonus content from seasons 2 and 3 that’s free to download if you’re keen on things like cast and crew interviews (and free stuff).

Black Sails

The first eight episodes of Black Sails season 3 are available to watch on Amazon Prime now, with new episodes dropping every Sunday. 

In the meantime you can get acquainted with Captain Flint, John Silver and the rest of the crew as they fight for survival and independence in the Caribbean. Melding fact with fiction, this Golden Age of Piracy-based romp includes faces from history including Ned Low, Anne Bonny and in the third season, Edward Teach, perhaps better known as Blackbeard. 


Read our review of the Amazon Fire TV

This Amazon Original show came out of nowhere to quickly amass a huge following of loyal fans. It’s easy to see why. This tells the Nordic tale of the legendary warrior Ragnar Lothbrok where you’re taken from his axe wielding simple beginnings to historical sea crossing over to England and further into Paris.

This is wild, with fighting, sex and dark magic – all of which somehow become normal as part of the everyday lifestyle of the people in this age. Some brilliant acting and surprising twists make for an addictive show with characters you find yourself loving and hating.

One to watch out for: Floki, played by Gustaf Skarsgård is brilliantly twisted and entertaining, yup just like Loki.


This eagerly awaited TV adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic book classic has finally arrived under the production gaze of Seth Rogan. While the show is inspired by the comic it delves deeper into storylines as the comic book has clearly been drawn out – but it works.

You don’t have to know the comics and if you do then there’s new elements here that make it even more fun. Some stellar casting and quality acting combined with the shocking plot turns of the original make for a thoroughly entertaining adaptation.

One to watch out for: Cassidy played by Misfits and This Is England star Joseph Gilgun is better than we could have possibly imagined.

Mr Robot

Now an Amazon exclusive, this series is a fantastically well made tale of hacking. That subject has been hit and miss over the years, aside from The Matrix of course. This show absolutely reinvents the story and nails it.

The introverted and frankly disturbed lead, played by Rami Malek, is curiously accessible despite his rather unique problems of working as a computer security bod by day and vigilante hacker by night.

We defy you to only watch one episode of this series, it’s so addictive you’ll struggle to find an excuse to go to bed before this is over.

One to watch out for: Christian Slater as Mr Robot himself.

The Americans

As spy tales go this is a truly original one. The show follows a Russian husband and wife who have been embedded as spies in the US during the Cold War. They’ve been there so long they have two children and are becoming Americanised which makes for a really entertaining character development.

You’ll find yourself holding your breath through some tense scenes and punching the air in relief right after. A largely unknown cast does well to carry off a layered storyline that’s complicated enough to intrigue but clear enough to follow comfortably.

One to watch out for: Margo Martindale from Justified playing yet another strong female character perfectly.


Unfortunately this brilliant adaptation of the Hellblazer comics was cancelled after the first season. We say unfortunately, as this was fantastic fun. While it managed to keep light hearted enough to be funny there was still enough darkness to pull in the more moving character traits expected from the series.

John Constantine is seeking redemption after a spell he cast mistakenly damned a soul to hell. He does this while pretending not to care, of course. This series is very monster-of-the-week but teases a larger storyline – one that will never been concluded it seems.

One to watch out for: It’s all about Welsh actor Matt Ryan who not only looks the part of Constantine but plays it impeccably too.

Mozart in the Jungle

This oddly named titles is as quirky as it sounds. But with a pilot written by Roman Coppola that’s not a bad thing by any means. This stars Gael Garcia Bernel as a character based on a conductor living in New York and his experiences there.

Aside from acting and story this is a visual treat as Amazon streams it not only in 4K UHD but also in HDR, making it quite a rare commodity right now. If you have the TV and internet connection to support all that it’s well worth a watch to dazzle your eyes if nothing else.

One to watch out for: Anyone; in 4K HDR they all look spookily real.

The Man in the High Castle

The idea for this series is brilliant. It tells the tale of a world set in 1962 where World War II has had an alternate ending with the Nazis winning. Since it’s based on the book by Philip K. Dick it should be amazing.

In reality it’s been met with mixed reviews thanks to the scripting and acting. But it’s such a good idea it’s worth a go in case you enjoy it.

One to watch out for: Hitler.


This Amazon Original stars Titus Welliver – what a name – as LA homicide detective Harry Bosch. The series takes inspiration from Michael Connelly novels which tell the tale of a renegade cop who respects the rules but, as his name suggests, puts up with no nonsense. He also did a year long tour in Afghanistan after 9/11, somthing real world police officers also did before returning to the force.- so you know he’s tough.

The harrowing tale follows the hunt for a serial killer who has abused, beaten and murdered a child who was found with more than 40 broken bones. Yup, this pulls very few punches and isn’t for the faint hearted.
One to watch out for: Jason Gedrick as spine chilling serial killer Raynard Waits.


How to get the new Clarkson, Hammond and May post-Top Gear show from AmazonOutlander is a historical drama with a time-travelling twist; based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels of the same name, Outlander sees Claire Randall travelling from 1945 Inverness to 1743 – just in time to become embroiled in events leading up to the Jacobite Uprising. 

There she meets up with one Black Jack Randall, a British Army captain who just so happens to be the spitting image and direct ancestor of her 20th Century husband Frank Randall. As she attempts to return to her own time, Claire is captured by the Fraser clan of Highlanders, who are at odds with the Hanoverian forces.  

It’s a while before the second season of Outlander is due to arrive; April 9 has been given as a US launch date, but it’s currently unclear if Amazon will pick this up for a simultaneous UK release. 

Best Amazon Original shows available on Prime Video

As well as offering a great selection of TV series to stream, Amazon is directly involved in the production of new shows, which are then released on Prime Video. These exclusive series come under the Amazon Original banner, and so far we’re very impressed by the Amazon Studios output.

Have a squint at our round-up of the best Amazon Original TV shows for all of our favourites and more recommendations.


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