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Britain’s Got Talent final racks up 50,000 Shazam tags

Ofcom: Orange and BT hit bottom for ISP speed check test With the final of ITV’s Simon Cowell-created crowd fest racking up 11.9 million in the ratings, popular track identification service Shazam did alright out of it too, notching 50,000 tags in one minute during the ad breaks.

Though you’d expect Shazam to be encouraging tagging during the show, the gist here was to tag songs during interactive adverts for Pepsi MAX and Cadbury’s chocolate to win tickets to festivals.

While Britain’s Got Talent and similar programmes from the Show-and-Tell-2.0 vein aren’t typical office faves at Recombu Digital Towers we’re intrigued by the idea of tagging adverts with your phone or tablet. We basically see it as another example of second screen viewing (or ‘chatterboxing’ as nobody calls it).

This opens up the idea of Shazam, normally used to tag songs on the go, for use with other sound-based promotions.

“The response to the launch of Shazam-enable television adverts has been amazing. We make it simple for brands to amplify their message and deepen engagement by turning 30 seconds of television into 3 minutes of interaction,” said Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO in a statement.

The BGT final is the first example of Shazam working with a UK TV broadcaster, following on from work with brands in the US, Europe and Australia.

Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Sales Director, ITV said: “We’re thrilled that the first UK Shazam-enabled ads achieved this level of interaction in Saturday’s amazing Britain’s Got Talent final – proving there is a real appetite from consumers to go deeper with quality content including spot advertising. We’re very excited about talking to all our advertisers about this exclusive new opportunity to drive real-time engagement with their brands.”

So while 50,000 tags isn’t a huge slice of the UK market – and a fraction of the viewing figures for the final itself – it’s a sign that we could be seeing more of this kind of stuff in future programmes.

If ITV bosses can convince John Lydon to return for the next I’m A Celebrity we could well be tagging CountryLife butter ads during the breaks.


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