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British Gas trials My Energy Live: Real-time smart meter iOS & Android app

British Gas is currently trialling My Energy Live, an app that lets customers get real-time energy readings on their phone instead of a static smart meter. 

Combined with a smart heating system like British Gas’s own Hive Active Heating range, smart meters will give customers the information edge they need to really make some savings. 

My Energy Live means British Gas customers will be able to get up to the minute information on energy prices. This means if you’re at home, you can decide when to put on the washing or if you’re working, you can decide when your smart washing machine and heaters can come on.  

Due to roll out nationwide later this year, My Energy Live is currently being tested by around 500 British Gas customers as part of a closed beta. 

British Gas trials My Energy Live: Real-time smart meter iOS & Android app

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Bristol-based trialist and mother of two Sally Anne told British Gas that the app has also let her see which appliances have been left switched on as well as keeping an eye on energy prices. 

The free app shows customers how much energy they are using and how much it is costing in pounds and pence. You’ll be able to set daily budgets for gas and electricity and multiple users can access the app at once, allowing whole homes to keep track of budgets and try to hit targets mutually. 

Matthew Wright, a smart energy expert at British Gas, said: “Customers with smart meters can see exactly how much energy they’re using, almost as they use it; it also means an end to meter readings and estimated bills.
“my energy live is ideal for people who like to manage their household costs by smartphone. The added bonus is that the account can be downloaded on more than one smartphone, giving even more flexibility to customers.”
The Government wants every home and small business premises to be fitted with a smart meter by 2020 – all 30-odd million of them. British Gas has to date installed 1.5 million smart meters in customers’ homes. 

Aside from iOS and Android, it’s not been confirmed if Windows Phone users will get a look in, or whether they’ll be subjected to another shivering, pricey winter – unless they’ve got a Tado


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