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Broadband Line Rental Updates for 2013

Line Rental. In most cases we have to pay it to get our broadband whether we like it or not. While there are notable exceptions, covered in our line rental feature here, most of us have to pony up for it.

If you’re keen on watching your wallet and keeping an eye on the rising costs you’ll want to know how much line rental is going up by in the new year.

While we’ve covered line rental rises in separate stories elsewhere, we’ve put together one feature where you can read and compare all of the line rental rates for early 2013.

Hey, at least that nice George Osborne chap scrapped petrol duty.

Read on for the current line rental rates for 2013.

Broadband Line Rental Updates for 2013


AOL’s line rental costs £14.80/month. You’ll take out line rental with all AOL Broadband products with the exception of the Broadband Only deal which is free for the first month, £5.31/month for the first two months after that and then £15.31/month thereafter. 


Currently the standard rate of BT line rental costs £15.45/month and will be going up to £15.99/month from the 4th of January 2014 onwards.

As of September 30, 2013 BT Line Rental Saver costs £141.

This sees you paying for a year’s worth of rental up front which works out at paying the equivalent of £11.75/month.

While this offers a great saving compared to the regular rate of line rental is requires that you have £141 set aside in time for the new year.

Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom’s standard rate of line rental is £13.75/month. If you sign up for an 18 month contract you can get Special Line Rental from Direct Save Telecom which costs just £11.95/month. 

If you want to pay for a year’s line rental up front, you’ve got the option of paying £119.40 which is equivalent to £9.95/month. 


Eclipse’s standard line rental costs £12.50/month. 

You can take this alongside Eclipse’s broadband packages or you can choose to go for a bundle if you’d rather get your line rental and broadband from the same provider. 


EE’s standard line rental rate is £14.75/month. 



Plusnet’s standard cost of line rental for its broadband packages is £14.50/month.

For those who want to save a bit of money, there’s the option to shell out £131.88 which will cover you for 12 months’ line rental. Comparatively, this works out as the equivalent of paying £10.99/month. 

Post Office

The Post Office standard rate of line rental is £12.00/month. You’ve got the option of paying £120 up front for a year’s worth of rental (equivalent to £10.00/month). 

Primus Saver

Primus Saver’s line rental costs £13.99/month. You’ve got the option of a Line Rental Saver plan that sees you paying £120 up front for a year’s worth, equivalent to £10/month.  


Sky’s line rental costs £14.50/month if paid for on a monthly basis, or £119.40 all up front, which covers you for a year. This works out at paying £9.95/month.


TalkTalk’s line rental will increase to £15.40/month from October 1, 2013, onwards. Value Line Rental will also increase to £126 which works out at £10.50/month. 

Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s standard line rental rate is £14.99/month. However those that want to can opt to pay £120 up front which breaks down nicely as £10.00/month.

XLN Telecom

XLN Telecom’s line rental rate for its business packages is £9.95/month.


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