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Fibre Broadband for the North – Broadband Rollout Roundup: 12/01/13

Fibre Broadband for the North Broadband Rollout Roundup: 12/01/13This week’s Broadband Rollout Roundup takes on a northern flavour; the majority of the Openreach updates we’ve heard are all based north of the Watford Gap and Rothbury in Northumberland has become one of the first communities in the UK to benefit from broadband funded by the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF).

It’s not a strictly northern-only affair this week as exchanges in Cullompton and Ely are now primed and ready for some fibre broadband action as well.

This is Broadband Rollout Roundup for the week ending 12/01/13.

Openreach bringing Fibre Broadband to 95,000 more homes and businesses

On Tuesday, January 8, Openreach announced the next set of locations due to benefit from FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections.

Note that in each case, the only estimated time to completion given for each area in the announcements is ‘the next few weeks’. BT doesn’t like to give out dates for every area mainly because not every cabinet will get connected at the same time fibre is live from an exchange and mitigating factors, most notably the weather, can cause delays.

As and when we hear of fibre broadband becomes available in your area, we’ll include it in a future Rollout Roundup.

Also note that where ‘FTTC/P’ is listed below indicates that a mixture of FTTC and FTTP broadband is available at certain postcodes connected to the exchange. BT doesn’t share which places can and can’t get FTTC/P, so your best bet is to use the search tool at SamKnows.

North East – 23,000 homes and businesses

  • South Shields (FTTC) South Tyneside District (B)
  • Prudhoe (FTTC/P) Tynedale District

West Yorkshire – 57,000 homes and businesses

  • Keighley (FTTC) Bradford District (B)
  • Crossgates (FTTC) Leeds District (B)
  • Hunslet (FTTC) Leeds District (B)
  • Dewsbury (FTTC) Kirklees District (B)

South Yorkshire – 15,000 homes and businesses

  • Armthorpe (FTTC/P) Doncaster District (B)
  • Maltby (FTTC/P) Rotherham District (B)
  • Woodhouse (FTTC) Sheffield District (B)

BT FTTC live at 11 more exchanges, plus FTTP for two more

Openreach has confirmed that fibre broadband is now available to order at selected premises connected to the following exchanges.

  • Barnwood (FTTC) Gloucester District (B)
  • Birmingham Central (FTTC) Birmingham District (B)
  • Buxton; Derbyshire (FTTC) High Peak District (B)
  • Chipping Sodbury (FTTC) South Gloucestershire
  • Cullompton (FTTC) Mid Devon District
  • Ely (FTTC) East Cambridgeshire District
  • Hesketh Bank (FTTC) West Lancashire District
  • St. Barnabas (FTTC) City of Leicester (B)
  • Toll Bar (FTTC) Coventry District (B)
  • Tregony (FTTC/P) Carrick District
  • Westhoughton (FTTC/P) Bolton District (B)
  • Willenhall (FTTC) Walsall District (B)
  • Wolverhampton (FTTC) City of Wolverhampton District (B)

Defra unlocks £460,000 of Rural Community Broadband Fund cash for the village of Rothbury

Defra has unlocked its Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF) purse and handed out £460,000 to the village of Rothbury, Northumberland.

More than 1,500 homes and businesses are set to benefit from the cash injection which will improve broadband speeds in the area. The iNorthumberland blog post here talks of upgrades coming to ‘the town and areas served by the Rothbury exchange.

The Rothbury exchange isn’t currently on BT’s rollout map, so we should expect to see at least FTTC broadband being made available to all premises in the area.


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