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Broadband Rollout Roundup: 15,500 fibre homes and businesses in Swansea

With BT announcing the last 99 exchanges due to be upgraded as part of its own private investment plan, there’s not been much in the way in terms of rollout announcements. Another quiet week for Broadband Rollout Roundup then. Aside from just one peep from Openreach about fibre broadband in Swansea we’ve heard that Allpay has been busy setting up wireless broadband in more areas around Hereford. So there’s been some slight action on both sides of the English-Welsh border but naught much else to write home about.

This is Broadband Rollout Roundup for the week ending February 16, 2013.

Several thousand Swansea homes and businesses to get fibre broadband from BT

BT has announced that over 15,500 homes and businesses connected to the exchange in Morriston, Swansea can now order in FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) based broadband, providing speeds of up to 80Mbps.

Of course, the further away you are from upgraded street cabinets, the less likely you are to get speeds close to 80Mbps and depending on whereabouts you’re based, you might not be able to order in faster broadband at all.

Make sure to do your homework first; check SamKnows to see if you can order in fibre broadband from your postcode.

Allpay wireless broadband brings 35Mbps speeds to Garway and Peterchurch

Wireless ISP Allpay has been busy expanding coverage around the city of Hereford, bringing broadband speeds of up to 35Mbps to areas around Garway and Peterchurch.

One of the main advantages of wireless broadband is that as it’s wireless, there’s no need to pay line rental. You’ll need to be able to fit a wireless broadband receiver unit to the roof of your house and unless you’ve got line of sight to the main antenna it won’t work. Set up can also be a little pricey but aside from that you can enjoy fast, reliable broadband speeds and unlimited downloads for prices comparable to what you’d pay for ADSL broadband without the burden of line rental.


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