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BT announces half-price fibre broadband and phone calls for those in financial difficulty

BT has rolled out a new package of broadband and calls named Home Essentials specifically to help those who are facing financial hardships.

Telecommunications company BT has just revealed a reduced-price package of broadband and phone calls that will made available to 4.6 million of the most financially insecure households in the UK, who are claiming Universal Credit or other means-tested benefits.

Known as the Home Essentials social tariff, the measure was introduced due to the adverse economic impact of the pandemic, as statistics claim that the “majority (56%) of Brits feel more vulnerable compared to the start of the pandemic, with nearly one in three (30%) needing additional financial support.”

The package in question costs £15 per month, thereby saving customers £240 per year compared to the cost of an equivalent subscription.

This is especially valuable due to the importance of home connectivity, which has only grown since the enormous increase in remote working. Again, BT quotes statistics that “over half (55%) of people from lower-income homes¹ say home connectivity is more important than ever to manage finances (79%), learn new skills (69%) and help improve job prospects (29%).”

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In order to ensure a smooth rollout of the new package, BT has pledged to train 12,000 customer service employees to better support those customers who need this extra help, which could be crucial as less than half (46%) of people affected negatively by the pandemic are comfortable sharing their problems with others, with almost two thirds (63%) of them citing embarrassment as the main barrier to open discussion.

Summing it up, Marc Allera (CEO of BT’s Consumer Division) said: “BT’s purpose of Connecting for Good is at the heart of all we do, and a huge part of that is going above and beyond to support people who need it most. That’s why we’re launching BT Home Essentials, our low-cost fibre package that will now include all customers on Universal Credit, to provide a potential 4.6 million families across the UK with half-price fibre broadband and calls. BT Home Essentials will be available at half the price of our standard fibre package because fast, reliable connectivity to access vital online services – and keep in touch with loved ones – is more important than ever. It is a big step towards creating the connected, digitally inclusive UK we all want to see.”




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