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BT’s superfast postcode checker beta adds more cabinet info

BT has updated its broadband postcode checker, giving folks a better idea of when superfast deliverance will finally arrive. 

Before, BT’s postcode checker would serve up coloured flags and acronyms – things like ‘AO’ for ‘Accepting Orders’ and ‘UE’ for ‘Under Evaluation’ – which required a key to decipher and a not inconsiderable degree of patience. 

The new map does away with this look, presenting the same information in a layout that requires much less head scratching to understand. 

Related: BT grilled by ASA over superfast postcode checker confusionAt the top of the map you now get a ‘Cabinet Fibre Journey’ which charts the progress of superfast rollouts in your area. From left to right, you can chart the progress of work in area and fill out an expression of interest with BT along the way, if you want to make sure you’re covered. 

While time frames aren’t included, BT’s site says that once a community has passed on to the ‘Design’ stage of the process, customers will typically be able to place orders within 12 months. At least you’ll be able to watch the process races through the ‘Build’, ‘Connect’ and ‘Activate’ stages. 

The main point of rolling out cabinet-level data to BT’s postcode checker is to clear up confusion. As the above screenshot demonstrates, if your local BT exchange is ‘fibre enabled’ that’s not always a given sign that your property will be able to get FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) based services, let alone FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). 

The revised checker tells you your cabinet number, which is a nice addition, although you’ve been able to find this out from BT Wholesale’s line speed checker (which also gives you speed estimates) for a while now. 

As the new superfast postcode checker is a beta version that’s still apparently ‘in trial’, it’s possible that this, plus other features will be added in future updates.  


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