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CES: Homeplug AV2 promises faster home networks with no new wires

The next crop of powerline-based home networks will be twice as fast and reach further into your home.

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance used CES 2012 to announce an upgrade to the technology, which uses mains power sockets to extend your home network.

HomePlug AV2 promises speeds of up to 1Gigabit/second, although real speeds will be half of that – still an impressive 500Mbit/s top speed.

Rob Ranck, president of the HPA, said: “The explosion in demand for robust home networking is driving the need for ultra-high speed broadband across the home.

“HomePlug AV2 leads the way in enabling a variety of manufacturers to deliver this capability with maximum interoperability.”

The new standard also turns each powerline adapter into a repeater which can extend the network for large homes or business premises.

And HomePlug AV2 devices will have better support for multiple users and devices sending data across the network.

They will also work with older HomePlug AV adapters, and HomePlug GP devices such as smart power meters.
The first HomePlug AV2 devices are expected to go on sale by the end of this year. 


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