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CES: LG Smart TV Updaters connect all TVs

If you want to get the likes of BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm on your TV without buying a new screen, LG’s Smart TV Upgraders might be worth a look.

These compact boxes let you access LG’s Smart TV portal via your broadband connection, on any TV with an HDMI connection.

There you’ll find both on-demand streaming video and apps such as games, news, email and social networking.

LG Smart TV

The SP520 goes on sale in March, followed by the higher-spec SP820 in May.

Both have WiFi and Ethernet connections, as well as USB inputs for hard discs and memory sticks so you can access music, video and pictures on your TV (one on the SP520, two on the SP820).

Both support Smart Share 2.0, an app which lets you access the Smart TV Upgrader and Smart TV portal from mobile devices.

The SP820 also includes Screen Shifter, which lets you watch your PCs screen on your TV, and has a web browser with Flash 10 support and a Magic Remote Control – a Wiimote-style remote which combines a pointer, voice control and browser wheel for better navigating websites on your TV screen.


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