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CES: Smart TV takes centre stage for Samsung

Samsung’s 2012 TVs and Blu-ray players promise to connect to both on-demand entertainment and your home media collection.

The Samsung Apps service has been expanded to cover health and education, while your vidoes and photos can be uploaded to share on phones, tablets and PCs anywhere.

Samsung Smart TV

There are also motion and voice control and face recognition systems so you no longer need the traditional remote control to surf channels or the internet and access streaming video or play games.

Samsung has also built an upgrade slot into some TVs so you can add more computing power and features without replacing the rest of the TV.

Alternatively, Samsung’s Smart TV apps are also built into its latest compact Blu-ray players, which are little bigger than the disc s themselves.

Samsung claims connected TV technology is now a key factor for 81 per cent of consumers looking at new TVs and home entertainment devices.

Robert King, Samsung UK’s head of consumer electronics, said: “In this era of smart entertainment, consumers are changing the way they want to be entertained and how they choose to access this content.

“Samsung is redefining what a TV can do so people can use more intuitive ways to control their entertainment experiences, maintain closer contact to people that are important to them, and easily manage and share content across multiple screens.”

New Smart TV apps include Family Story album, which lets users organise photos and enjoy slide shows on the big screen. Family members can also share memos and reminders anywhere they are via the phone, tablet, PC or TV.

A fitness section allows users to connect their Samsung TV to a Samsung smartphone via a mobile app. They can also connect to a WiFi-enabled scale to manage their weight goals and use the TV’s built-in camera to create a virtual mirror to monitor their exercise routines.

The Kids’ app offers a wealth of infotainment and games in a child-friendly interface that parents and control and monitor.

With a tabbed web browser, users can open multiple pages at a time, while the new content bar remembers recent activities for easy access to content. For your own media files, AllShare Play allows users to upload and share content with compatible devices.

The HT-E6750W, Samsung’s flagship home theatre system, and BD-ES6000 compact Blu-ray player both have WiFi built-in so it’s easier to connect to Samsung’s Smart TV apps.

More than 1,400 apps include LOVEFiLM, BBC iPlayer, BBC News Channel, Muzu and Acetrax, and – on Smart TVs only – Netflix.

The Smart Evolution upgrade slot features on Samsung’s flagship LED ES8000 and Plasma E8000 series Smart TVs, along with the ES7500 and ES6800 series of Smart LED TVs.

They also feature Smart Interaction technology, which combines motion control, voice control and face recognition commands to perform tasks like turn the TV on or off, activate selected apps, or search for content in the web browser simply by speaking in any of the 20 to 30 languages.

With a wave of their hand, they can browse and choose a link or content via the web browser. The built-in camera recognises movement in the foreground, and noise cancellation technology helps separate any background noise from the users’ commands.

Samsung’s 2012 range of Smart LED and plasma TVs, and the BD-ES6000 Blu-ray player also support connectivity with select wireless keyboards and mice.

Sharing content across devices is made even easier with the new DLNA-certified BD-ES6000. In addition, the new model will be supported by Wi-Fi Direct, which allows Wi-Fi devices to be connected directly and easily without a wireless access point.

Samsung is introducing a new remote control app that can be downloaded onto an Android or Apple smartphone. The 2012 remote control app enhances how users control and search for content on their Blu-ray players. When the smartphone is connected to the same home network as a Samsung Blu-ray player, users can control their Blu-ray player with ease and use the QWERTY keyboard on their devices for easy information input. 


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