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Chromecast snaps up Monopoly and Connect Four for family-friendly gaming

Mobile versions of family board games classics like Monopoly and Connect Four are now Chromecast-compatible. 

Instead of having to stave off Christmas boredom with repeats of The Great Escape and Zulu, you can now cast games like Wheel of Fortune (iOS, Android) and Simon Swipe (iOS) to the big screen from your phone or tablet. 

Everyone, with the exception of Dad sleeping off excess turkey and sprouts, can join in with the fun as you pass around your iOS or Android device. 

Chromecast snaps up Monopoly and Connect Four for family-friendly gaming
Monopoly Dash only lets you use up to six characters for your name

New titles available to download now from the App Store and Google Play include Monopoly Dash (iOS, Android) and Connect Four Quads (iOS, Android), as well as newcomers Big Web Quiz, Just Dance Now and Emoji Party. 

Big Web Quiz (iOS, Android) comes from the minds of Google Creative Lab’s boffins and uses the Google Knowledge graph to power leftfield questions like “How many Rottweilers tall is Shia LaBeouf?” and “How many Taylor Swifts tall is the Tower of London?”.

Just Dance Now (iOS, Android) is a Wii Fit-type game that uses your phone’s accelerometer to gauge if you’re following the moves of the virtual dancers on the screen. If you’re up for a spot of dancing in your living room it might be good idea to remember to hold on to your phone – there’s no Wii-style wrist strap to save you if you let it go. 

If you’re particularly accident prone it might be an idea to get a protective case for your phone and tell everyone else to get out of the room. 
Emoji Party (Android) is a movie-based quiz game that asks you to guess the title of the films based on emoji faces. The Batman one is pretty obvious to be honest and we’re guessing the film from the screenshot below is for the famous sci-fi movie World of the Monkeys. Or something. 

Chromecast snaps up Monopoly and Connect Four for family-friendly gaming
Now what could THIS possibly be?

Chromecast games have been a bit lacking until now to be honest – the first rush of ‘castable games to hit Google Play were pretty simple homebrew efforts that frankly left a lot to be desired. Hopefully we’ll see start to see Chromecast games of a higher calibre hitting the app stores. 

Scrabble Blitz, a Chromecast-compatible version of the classic board game is also in the pipeline but it has yet to emerge on either of the main app stores. 

All of these games are available to download now, with the exception of Big Web Quiz for Android which appears to be unavailable in the UK for some reason. Come on Google, sort it out. 


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