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CityFibre deal could bring 4K CCTV to the streets of Newport

Newport could benefit from smarter traffic management, 4K CCTV and gigabit broadband, thanks to a new deal. 

Infrastructure provider CityFibre and IT managed services company Logicalis are working on installing a high capacity PSN (Public Sector Network) fibre optic ring for Newport City Council. 

This will initially see public services across the city better able to communicate and share resources. In future, the extra capacity could allow for things like digital traffic information boards, Ultra HD CCTV and eventually gigabit broadband services arriving in the third biggest Welsh city. 

That’s happened in places like York, where CityFibre is currently involved in a trial of gigabit FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) with Sky and TalkTalk and Bournemouth, where CityFibre sells broadband to residents and businesses alike

CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch said: “This project is an essential part of transforming Newport into a modern, fully connected, digital city. As we move ever closer to living in a truly connected world, the network that runs throughout UK cities will increasingly act as the veins that allows it to consistently evolve, technologically, for the benefit of its residents.” 

First and foremost, the project is about powering public services. There’s great potential for so-called ‘smart cities’ to allow for huge money savings and improvements in security. 

In Chattanooga in the US, town planners are able to better manage congestion by monitoring traffic flow in real time and save money by dimming LED street lights in areas devoid of traffic. Police officers are also able to control streetlights at will, illuminating areas when in pursuit of suspects, from WiFi-enabled squad cars. 

1,000Mbps broadband could be a nice future side effect for Newport firms and families. For now the focus is on improving services. 
Councillor Bob Bright, leader of Newport City Council CEO said: “Logicalis’ partnership with CityFibre has created a very exciting proposition for Newport. We are in a process of major transition in the city with substantial regeneration and redevelopment. Community safety is an absolute priority for the city and I am delighted to see this partnership provide a step-change in the services we provide.” 


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