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Japan’s Bluetooth connected toilet flushes in a new era of smart thrones

Anyone who’s visited Japan will return amazed that our medieval crappers haven’t been replaced by their space-aged thrones, complete with warm seats and on-demand bidet.

I’m still amazed that the British bathroom industry hasn’t imported this transformational toilet technology, but now one Japanese manufacturer has combined super-toilet with smart phone.

Any Android phone with Bluetooth can pair with Lixil’s Satis toilet range, and the My Satis app gives you power to control your close encounters of the turd kind.

Functions at you fingertips include pre-heating the seat to your desired temperature, raising and closing the lid, flushing, and controlling the bidet power (front and back bottoms).

The toilet also has built-in speakers, so you can play a little of Handel’s Water Music, or maybe something more bassy if you need to shake the turtle’s head out.

Finally, a toilet diary feature lets you keep track of your fudge trains for health reasons, and monitor your water and electricity usage.

The My Satis app is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and Note, as well as the Japanese Media BR and Galapagos phones. iPhone users will have to hold on a little bit longer.

The only thing it seems to lack is a camera for checking you’re free of Klingons and winnets before you leave the littlest room.

Japan's Bluetooth-connected toilet flushes in a new era of smart thrones

Thanks to El Reg for this nugget.


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