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EDF Energy iPhone app lets you snap your meter readings

While what the internet really wants from EDF is for them to release a Zingy toy, the new EDF Energy app for iPhone is an amazing little timesaver and a potential money saver. 

Instead of having to rely on estimates or get someone in to read the meter, you can instead take a picture and upload it straight to EDF from your iPhone. 

The idea is that meter readings are more accurate, so you’ll pay for the amount of energy you’ve actually used, not a figure based on estimates. The app will also track previous meter readings, helping build up a picture of your energy use. 

EDF Energy iPhone app lets you snap your meter readings

Read our guide to Smart EnergyWhether or not this’ll stop savvy graphic designers Photoshopping their meter readings or not remains to be seen. 

EDF Energy app is free to download now (iTunes link here). It works on devices running iOS5 or later and is compatible with phones as old as the iPhone 3GS and the 3rd generation iPod Touch. 

It’s not yet known if Android or Windows Phone apps are in the pipeline. 



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