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EE Broadband improves service, still generates the most complaints

Ofcom’s latest survey of customer complaints shows that EE Broadband has improved – but it still generates the most moans. 

A sample of fixed-line broadband customers puts EE Broadband/Orange at the top of the pile for ‘most complained about’ for the fourth time running, generating 0.32 complaints per 1,000 customers. 

In the last quarter, EE’s broadband services attracted 0.57 complaints per 1,000, and 0.70 complaints in the quarter before that

EE Broadband improves service, still generates the most complaints

Ofcom’s research shows that complaints were mainly driven by problems with billing and changing provider. When EE launched its 4G services last October, it launched a new fixed-line service alongside it. A rebrand of Orange Home Broadband happened around this time, which has likely caused a few problems. 

Despite a dip in complaints, EE is still above the industry average of 0.18 complaints per 1,000 customers. 

TalkTalk was the second most complained about broadband provider, generating above average complaints at 0.29 per 1,000, with BT fingered as the third largest source of complaints, at 0.28 for every 1,000 customers. 

Scoring below the average once again are Sky (0.09) and Virgin Media (0.06). Both ISPs have consistently generated less complaints than the industry average over the last three years. 

Claudio Pollack, Director of Ofcom’s Consumer Group said: “It’s encouraging to see the biggest reduction in complaints for a year and we hope these figures will incentivise providers to further improve their performance. 

“We’re committed to giving consumers valuable information to help them choose a provider that best suits their needs. Consumer complaints also help us to identify where enforcement action is needed and ensure that providers comply with our rules.” 


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