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EE promises 5G coverage in 90% of the UK by 2028

The UK mobile network EE has just promised extensive nationwide coverage of 5G mobile data before the end of this decade.

Before too long the entire United Kingdom will be snugly situated under the comforting blanket of 5G mobile data connectivity, according to national network EE.

In detailing its plan, EE states: “EE’s 5G network, which was first to launch two years ago, will grow to cover half of the UK population by early 2023, four years ahead of the UK Government’s ambition. Utilising the expanded 4G infrastructure, 5G will pass the geographic reach of 4G to become the UK’s largest digital network by 2028, providing signal to over 90% of UK landmass.”

While the expansion of 5G is to be expected across major urban centres, as more and more people desire the benefits of ultrafast mobile data and compatible mobile phones become more affordable, it’s pleasing to know that more rural areas of the country will not be left behind as the network expands its reach.

Describing the actions backing up the words of this promise, EE and its parent company BT revealed the full weight of infrastructure that it will bring to bear in order to make the project a reality: “Portable cells will provide temporary mobile connectivity for customers when they request it, at a lower cost than building traditional cell sites and a fleet of rapid response vehicles will also be expanded and diversified to provide enhanced coverage, resilience or capacity in remote areas. BT is also targeting the greater use of air and space technologies, including drones and Low Earth Orbit satellites, and last month signed an early agreement with OneWeb to drive the technology applications forward.”

It’s exciting to imagine the massively improved consumer experience that could flow from the revolutionary change of the vast majority of the country having access to such fast mobile internet speeds, and we’re looking forward to it soon becoming a reality.




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