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EE TV launches personalised My TV section and Fetch second-screen casting

EE TV customers can now create their own personalised programme guides on their phones and tablets for viewing outside of the living room. 

Designed to allow family members to pin their favourite channels and programmes in the EE TV app, the updated service, rolling out next Tuesday, August 25, will let you access recorded content on the EE TV box and watch it on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. 

Along with the new customisable page, found to the left of the Live TV section of the main screen, EE TV customers will also be able to ‘Fetch’ the programme that’s currently being broadcast on the main TV, and watch it on their mobile device. 

Related: EE TV Review – Watch almost Everything almost EverywhereThis way if someone comes into the living room and watch to put ITV2 on while you’re still watching Bake Off, you can Fetch what you’re watching and go elsewhere, or plug your headphones in. 
It’s the opposite of the Flick feature, which lets you find a programme on the EE TV app and cast it to your TV screen. 

Simeon Bird, Director of Home Broadband & TV, EE said that more features will land on the platform in the future, mainly placing an emphasis on mobile devices and second screen capabilities. 

“EE TV received outstanding reviews at launch, however we will continue to use our unrivalled knowledge of mobile behaviour in order to update and enhance the service over time,” Bird said. 

“The new EE TV features take the personalisation capability that all smartphone and tablet owners are familiar with, and incorporates it to create what we believe is the best multi-screen TV service available today.” 

The new My TV section lets you pin your favourite programmes as well as TV channels, letting you make a truly unique EPG. Every channel available on EE TV can be pinned here, even QVC if you’re really really into shopping channels. 

My TV will also let you cast photos and video files stored locally on your device to your TV over WiFi, adding a bit of Apple TV magic to the proceedings. EE envisions that families will be able to sit around the EE TV box and share snaps on one big screen. 

Another update to the apps includes media controls for programmes and recordings you’re currently watching. Instead of having to rely on the standard remote, you can use your iPad Air or Galaxy S6 Edge as a fancy smart remote to pause, skip and rewind content. You can also get extra programme information for live channels and action series link recordings through the app. 

The new EE TV apps will be hitting iTunes App Store and Google Play next week, when a host of new on-demand services, including MUBI, Cinefun TV and Brazil TV will also be landing on the platform. 


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