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EuropaSat starts up-to-20Mbps satellite broadband from Sky satellite

Pan-European satellite broadband provider EuropaSat has started selling up-to-20Mbps Ka-sat broadband from SES to the UK.

The two-way SES Broadband service starts at £9.99/month for a guaranteed 4Mbps downstream and 500kbps upstream service, with 3GB/month usage allowance.

Full-speed 20Mbps services start at £22.99/month with 1Mbps uploads and 10GB usage per month, or you can pay-as-you-go at 10Mbps/1Mbps for £7 per GB.

EuropaSat starts up-to-20Mbps satellite broadband from Sky satellite
Satellite broadband is an efficient way to reach remote locations

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Satellite BroadbandEuropaSat uses the Astra 2F satellite, which is also used by Sky and Freesat, so your dish can also receive TV.

“The new partnership with EuropaSat is great news for us and customers alike,” said Patrick Biewer, managing director of SES Broadband Services. 

“Our Ka-band solution exceeds average terrestrial broadband download speeds by quite a margin and is also very competitively priced. 

“This is the second ISP to begin offering services using capacity from one of our birds over the UK. It will be the underserved consumer who will benefit the most.” 

The reception equipment can be purchased outright for £300 for the lowest monthly rates (£25 connection fee) or pay-as-you-go (£38.50 connection fee).

It’s also possible to rent the reception kit at higher monthly rates from £18.95/month, with £100 setup and a £25 connection fee, or rented for free with even higher monthly fees from £24.90/month.

Subscribers who own their kit outright have only a 30-day rolling contract, and there’s a 36-month minimum contract for rental customers.


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