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Europe launches Broadband For All satellite map: UK scores 100 per cent

The EU has launched a Broadband For All map, showing where satellite broadband services providing 20Mbps speeds are available. 

The interactive map lets you click on each country in the EU and access a list of all satellite ISPs operating in the region. A coverage percentage will also be displayed alongside each country, giving you a rough idea of satellite broadband’s reach in your area. 

While the map doesn’t get much more granular than that, it does provide a quick snapshot of satellite broadband availability in the UK. 

Europe launches Broadband For All satellite map: UK scores 100 per cent
EU might need satellite broadband if you live in the sticks

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Satellite BroadbandBritain scores 100 per cent for satellite broadband coverage, alongside the Netherlands and Belgium and Portugal. Most countries score in the high 90’s with countries like Poland and Slovenia having some way to go. 

The aim of the map is to promote awareness and takeup of satellite broadband and get those currently unable to benefit from faster fixed line speeds. 

Neelie Kroes, EU Vice President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda “The availability of satellite broadband in all EU member states is an essential stepping-stone for making a Connected Continent a reality.” 

The EU’s Digital Agenda aims to have everyone able to get speeds of at least 30Mbps by 2020. BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) looks to be on target to deliver speeds of 25Mbps to 95 per cent of the UK’s population by 2017. 

Avonline and BeyonDSL have argued that satellite is the way forwards for rural folks and firms on the fringes or anywhere where fixed-line can’t go or won’t go for some time. Double digit download speeds are possible on satellite connections. While installation fees and latency are high, for many people facing dial-up quality speeds over the phone lines, satellite broadband could be the lifeline you need.

The top download speed available on satellite broadband in the UK is 20Mbps. While faster speeds are gradually reaching more people, there’s some way to go yet to ensure that the European goal will be reached. 


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