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FIFA 18: What’s new, the ultimate team and fun facts on the FIFA series

The latest FIFA title, FIFA 18, is about to take over our lives for a whole new season and beyond. Here’s all you need to know, including the ultimate team setup, new features in this entry and a run-down of the FIFA games to date.

Whether you are more of a Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA fan is irrelevant today because today is all about FIFA 18, the latest game in the series that was released today in the UK. New features include improved dribbling, smoother substitutions and the ability to use legendary players such as Maradona.

As rivalries go, FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer is up there with Arsenal vs Spurs, Wenger vs Mourinho. But the fact is, FIFA has been supplying gamers with the ‘Beautiful Game’ since the tail-end of 1993. Bet you feel old if you remember playing that…

Over that time we have seen 41 games, including FIFA Online, FIFA Street and the one that kicked it all off, FIFA International Soccer, which was available on a number of brilliant retro gaming systems, including the Mega Drive (or Genesis, depending on which country you lived in).

Obviously those who have pre-ordered the game will already be kicking the packaging off and loading up FIFA 18‘s Ultimate Team mode, which is almost as addictive as Championship Manager. Some will have made a tactical move and booked the day off.

For those who are having to wait patiently, however, or failed to get a sick day, fret not. For you can bask in the glory of our FIFA 18 infographic, which is longer than some runways (but infinitely more exciting to look at).

Not only does it list every FIFA game ever, we tell you the name of each player to be on the packaging and which of them is worth the most on the transfer market. We even list the obscure cover stars, including Israel’s Shimon Gershon. What team did he play for, eh?

We also answer other niche questions such as when did FIFA first introduce a female team, what was the first football game to use an isometric view and what is the fastest selling FIFA game of all time?

Check out our shiny infographic below these very words and, if you want to actually play FIFA 18 yourself, head to your nearest purveyor of video games. It is available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 for around £50.

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FIFA 18 History of the series graphic


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