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Free broadband for Britain’s 20 worst-connected locations

Satellite broadband provider Tooway is offering Britain’s 20 worst broadband locations free connections for a year.

The Tooway Tough 20 Broadband Challenge will provide 20 UK communities with 10Mbps connections via satellite for the rest of 2012.

Tooway satellite broadband

The competition has been setup by Skylogic, a subsidiary of Paris-based satellite operator Eutelsat, which owns the KA-SAT satellite used for Tooway.

Steve Petrie, Skylogic’s director for Tooway in the UK and Northern Europe, said: “With over 40 per cent of people in UK rural areas still not receiving broadband speeds greater than 2Mbps, it’s no surprise that many people still think that broadband is just not possible in Not Spots and Slow Spots.

“This may have been true in the past, but no longer. Tooway can deliver high speed broadband to everyone, everywhere and we intend to prove with the Tough 20 Tooway Broadband Challenge that there need be no exclusions to broadband access.”

Tooway’s always-on connection also delivers 4Mbps upstream, with no need for a telephone line, using a small 77cm satellite dish.

The compact satellite modem can connect direct to a PC or Mac or into a network router for wireless and Ethernet access.

You can also use an dual-feed dish setup to receive both Freesat/Sky and broadband on the same dish.

Councils wishing to suggest sites for the challenge are invited to contact Lorraine Jones to register their interest at


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