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Free movies site Popcornflix is filled with straight-to-video gems

Popcornflix is the latest free movies site to launch in the UK. While the word ‘free’ comes with certain baggage there’s some real straight to video gems to be found here. 

The free streaming service might have genuine classics like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery but aside from that there doesn’t appear to be much to write home about. 

Dig a little deeper though and wade through the unfamiliar titles and you’ll discover some real gold. 

Free movies site Popcornflix is filled with straight-to-video gems
Groovy Baby: Popcornflix is the on-demand equivalent of the straight to video bargain bin

There’s titles like Brain Smasher… A Love Story, starring a young Teri Hatcher and Andrew Dice Clay, the synopsis of which reads like the inbred cousin to John Carpenter’s peerless Big Trouble in Little China

“Sam, a model, is asked by her sister to smuggle a package from Europe to Oregon where she discovers that her sister is battling Chinese Shaolin Monks. Sam unwittingly draws her friend, a nightclub bouncer into danger and he ends up rescuing Sam and hers sister from the Shaolin’s Ninjas.”

Not interested? Okay, how about Futuresport? Wesley Snipes and Teri Hatcher’s New Adventures of Superman co-star Dean Cain (remember him?) do battle in the titular Futuresport, which is set in the year 2025. Did we mention that Wesley Snipes’s character has dreadlocks? 

The sensation of browsing Popcornflix is not unlike watching Leprechaun or Critters for the first time, your brain not quite comprehending those young pre-fame Jennifer Anistons and Leo DiCaprios. 

When Popcornflix isn’t serving up wonders like Brain Smasher and Futuresport there’s titles like Sherlock Bones: Ace Detective which follows the exploits of a talking dog sleuth. 

Rotten Tomatoes has yet to rate Sherlock Bones: Ace Detective

Popcornflix might not have the likes of House of Cards, Game of Thrones or Ripper Street to dazzle and amaze, but you get enough high-end carefully crafted drama already. And Popcornflix is free. 

If you’re ever stuck for something to watch and Netflix, Prime Instant Video and Blinkbox aren’t serving up anything that catches your eye, go low brow. It couldn’t hurt to head over to Popcornflix’s site and see what’s lurking in the vaults. 


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