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Freeview 4G filter maker Televes explains the problem

Broadcast electronics firm Televes has produced a website explaining the 4G Freeview problem to promote its officially-approved TV aerial filters.

The site includes a video about the situation and how to fix it, and explanations of LTE (the engineering name for 4G) and advice on using 4G aerial filters.

Along with Filtronic, Link Microtek, Philex, and Radio Design, Televes is one of five suppliers approved by AT800, the body set up to combat the 4G Freeview interference problem.

Read more about the 4G Freeview FailThere’s also advice on fitting filters in different situations, communal aerials in blocks of flats, and where to place the filter to get the best results.

AT800 is funded by the mobile phone operators who will be launching 4G services in the 800MHz band later this year.

It’s currently running interference trials in south east London following a small trial in the West Midlands, and a further trial will be run from April 29 in west London.

They’re designed to find out just how much interference 4G will cause to Freeview reception with different power levels and aerial systems.

Once the trials – and any subsequent testing – are complete, AT800 will begin sending out a filter to every home which could be affected, although some households may need to buy extra filters, which cost around £5 each.


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