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Game of Thrones takes on PowerWall: Tesla’s home batteries could do with some decals

Tesla’s PowerWall is a great idea – who doesn’t want to save money? – but those bland white slabs look pretty boring. 

While the ‘TESLA’ logo is rather reminiscent of the lettering on Smeg fridges, they’re otherwise quite cold-looking. Enter the decal. 

This bit of concept art, mocked up by our very own Alex Todd, imagines what Tesla’s PowerWalls would look like if they’d had some artwork stuck on top of that neutral white surface. 

We felt that PowerWall’s riot shield-esque shape of the would lend itself perfectly to Game of Thrones. HBO’s fantasy epic is littered with colourful crests and blazons which lend themselves well enough to phone covers – why not the same for the already shield-shaped PowerWall? 

If sword-and-sorcery fare doesn’t do it for you then there’s definitely room for football clubs to crank out official PowerWall decals so Chelsea/Manchester United/Arsenal/Liverpool fans can get their kicks. Maybe David Cameron could get an Aston Villa one. 

If you don’t owe your allegiance to any particular club or TV show, you might want to be able to get some different colours to match whatever’s on the walls. Netatmo’s Starck thermostat has kind of paid lip service to this idea with its interchangeable colour bands – but that’s a tiny thermostat, not a huge 7kWh lithium-ion battery. 

While prices and availability for the PowerWall in the UK haven’t been announced, it surely can’t be long before the Etsy armies start cranking out decorations for Tesla’s home batteries. 


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