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Google Allo for PC and Mac OS: Web version is in the works

Google Allo, the relatively new mobile messenger app from the creator of Android OS, will soon be available to users on a desktop computer or laptop. Here’s everything you need to know about the new web-based release of Google Allo.

Looks like Google Allo fans will soon be able to message their mates via a desktop computer or laptop soon, as Google has confirmed that it’s working on a web version of the messaging app.

How can I use Google Allo right now?

Currently you can message your buds on Google Allo via your Android phone or tablet, or using an iPhone or iPad.

Android users need to jump on the Google Play store and search for Allo. Download the app and sign up and you’re good to go. For iOS users, head to the App Store and do the same.

So is Google releasing a desktop app version of Allo, for Windows and Mac OS?

No, this isn’t going to be a desktop app, designed for Windows and Mac OS. Rather, Google is working on a web-based browser version of Google Allo, as you can see in the sneak peak screenshot below. This image was shared by Google’s VP of Communications Products, Nick Fox.

In other words, you shouldn’t need to download anything to your PC or Mac to use this desktop version of Google Allo. All you’ll need to do is browse to the Allo website and login with your Allo credentials, and you’ll be free to message your buddies as usual. This allows for greater freedom – you can access the service from any connected device.

When can I use the Google Allo web client?

Sorry, no news on a release date yet, and Google says that the Allo web client is ‘still in early development’. We should almost certainly see the release later this year however, hopefully before Google I/O 2017 in summer time.

Can I use other messaging apps from my PC or Mac computer?

This isn’t the first time a popular mobile messaging service has hit our computers of course. WhatsApp for instance has its own WhatsApp Web client, which allows you to use a Mac or PC instead of your phone.

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Why would I want to use Google Allo instead of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or my other favourite messaging app?

As well as the usual stickers, emoji, doodles and GIFs, Allo has plenty of great features built in. Smart Reply uses Google’s intelligent AI bot, Google’s Assistant, to monitor your conversation and suggest instant one-tap replies to any messages you get, for instance. You can see when your messages have been delivered and read, as with the likes of WhatsApp, and you getsome decent security features like Google’s incognito mode.

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