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Google’s IoT platform Brillo will Weave its way into your smart home

Google has announced Brillo, a new OS for Internet of Things devices that’ll allow light bulbs, locks, ovens and the rest to talk to each other more easily. 

The streamlined system, based on Android, was unveiled by Google’s senior vice president for products Sundar Pichai (pictured) at I/O 2015. 

Like Apple HomeKit and Samsung’s SmartHome system have also promised (and have yet to deliver) the idea behind Brillo is that connected appliances will be able to talk to one another and follow user-defined IFTTT (If This Then That)-style recipes. 

Running alongside all of this is something called Weave, which Pichai said will act as a ‘common language’ for certified devices to work together. 

In a nutshell, Weave acts as a kind of bridge between your phone, the cloud and Brillo-running devices. This means that every Brillo-running smart device should respond, regardless of its design or components, to commands tapped into/dictated to your Android phone. 

Developers will be able to get their teeth into Brillo in Q3 2015, while techies wanting to Weave their magic will need to wait a bit longer (Q4). 

Google’s IoT platform Brillo will Weave its way into your (smart) home


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