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GreenIQ’s IFTTT channel lets smart gardeners water the plants with Apple Watch

Israeli start-up GreenIQ has launched an IFTTT channel, letting smart watch owners turn on the sprinklers with some assiduous wrist action. 

Support for Apple Watch or Android Wear devices means you can toggle garden lights or sprinklers with one-touch controls without having to open up mobile apps, thanks to IFTTT’s Do Button

You’ll also be able to create recipes ensuring that your sprinklers come on at a certain time of day or using geolocation data, make sure those hoses are off by the time you get home. 

Related: Apple Watch suffering from lack of appsGreenIQ says that you can also use the channel to ensure that sprinklers don’t come on if you’ve got a party scheduled in your Google Calendar – although if you’re the kind of person who enjoys trolling their own guests, you could just not bother. 

Odi Dahan, founder and CEO at GreenIQ said: “Our mission is to make gardens smarter and allow people to feel more connected to their gardens. We teamed up with IFTTT to launch a dedicated connected garden channel to close the gap between garden and home automation, while allowing our customers to be in greater control of their connected domains.”  
GreenIQ’s Smart Garden Hub connects to your garden’s irrigation valves and then communicates with your home router via WiFi or Ethernet. The main hub unit costs $249 (£160) and can be paired with a $19 (£12) lighting control relay, which you’ll need if you want to control garden lights as well. 

The Hub also talks to Parrot’s Flower Power sensors and Netatmo’s Weather Station, meaning you can now also shave your sprinklers come online when your plants are getting thirsty, or hold fire if it looks like it’s going to rain. 

The GreenIQ Hub can also work with Nest Protect, to turn your sprinklers into ad hoc fire extinguishers – although that’s probably not a smart move if an electrical fire happens to break out in your home.


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