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Hands on with iThermo’s bonkers personal health thermometer at CES 2015

Heads up folks we’ve got another CES 2015 hands on, this time with iThermo’s personal health thermometer. 

This iPhone accessory lets you turn your phone into portable health monitor, recording, storing and sharing body temperatures. 

If you’ve got young ones, chances are you’ve obsessed over their temperature at some point. The iThermo lets you to keep a track of their recorded temperature in a matter of seconds. The ability to review temperatures over time lets you see at a glance if a condition is improving. 

You can keep a full history of readings, along with cute emoji that demonstrate how you or your child was feeling when the reading was taken. Everything from pukey to spaced out emoji are represented along the way next to temperature readings which can also be copied and shared with your GP if need be. 

Hands on with iThermo’s bonkers personal health thermometer at CES 2015
At least you won’t look silly when you’re reading the app

Unfortunately, in order to get a reading with the iThermo, you’ll need to place the sensor on your forehead.

This has the effect of making you look incredibly sexy (see above) and maybe look like you’re contributing to an old, borderline racist Internet meme (NSFW).

This e-health device is actually a mobile attachment but it’s squarely in the realm of the quantified self and the ever-expanding Internet of Things. Hence why we’re covering it here alongside other smart security and connected home devices

We don’t have a UK price or a release date for iThermo’s product yet but given the rise and rise of selfie sticks, its obvious that the great British public don’t mind making abject tits out of themselves in public. 


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