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Hisense K321: A 4K Ultra HD TV for just £450

4K Ultra HD TVs are generally on the steep side but Chinese telly maker Hisense is changing that with it’s cheap as chips K321 range. 

Prices for the 40, 50 and 55-inch versions weigh in at around £450, £600 and £700 respectively, making a mockery of the four figures prices commanded by rivals models. 

While that price is very reasonable, what do you get for your money exactly? It’s a Freeview HD TV (not Freeview Play sadly) with support for HEVC (H.265), meaning you can stream 4K video files and access 4K content from Netflix and YouTube. 

Related: How much is Netflix 4K Ultra HDHow can I watch Amazon Prime on TV and How can I get BT Sport Ultra HD?Amazon’s Prime Instant Video will be landing on the Hisense app store when a software update rolls out later this year. It’s due to land at some point between September and November; Hisense can’t be more specific about it at this point. 

Whenever it lands, you’ll be able to get both the new Top Gear and whatever the Clarkson, Hammond and May show ends up being called. If the BBC launches 4K streams on iPlayer before BBC One 4K becomes a thing, you may be able to enjoy both shows in Ultra HD on your K321. 

Support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) looks to be off the menu, meaning you won’t be able to enjoy all of that Amazon content in its full glory

There’s four HDMI ports on the Hisense K321, two of which are 2.0 compliant. This is limiting in terms of devices you’ll be able to support, but at least it supports native 4K streaming. If it turns out that linear 4K TV channels something a little higher than 60fps, then the K321 won’t be able to help you. 

But at £450 a pop, it’s a gamble that some might be willing to take. Full specs can be found here on Hisense’s site. 


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