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History of Super Mario – How Mario Took Over The World

Everyone’s favourite rotund moustachioed plumber is about to take over our lives once more, as Super Mario Odyssey leaps onto Nintendo’s Switch console just in time for Christmas.

Astonishingly, Mario’s adventures now stretch back a lengthy 36 years, meaning he’s a veritable pensioner as far as virtual characters go. Which makes it all the more impressive that he can still bound and spin like a youngster, rather than complaining of back ache like the rest of us.

To celebrate Mario’s continued escapades on the Switch, we’ve crafted this loving tribute to our hero. Here’s how creator Shigeru Miyamoto first brought the plumber to our low-res tellies back in the day, along with every game Mario has ever starred in.

You can buy Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch today. You can also see what we thought of Mario’s new adventure in our Super Mario Odyssey review.

History of Super Mario Infographic


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