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Honeywell launches Pebble smartwatch app to control its Evohome heating system

Owners of the sleek Pebble smart watches can now control the temperature in their home – thanks to a new Evohome app. 

Evohome makers Honeywell have launched a Pebble app that lets you check and control the temperature from your wrist.

Quick actions let you turn the heating on and off as well as set timers so that everything is as hot or as cool as you want it for when you get home. 

Honeywell launches Pebble smartwatch app to control its Evohome heating system
It’s all in the wrist: The Evohome Pebble app lets you control heaters with your smart watch

Jeremy Peterson, general manager of Honeywell’s EMEA Home Comfort and Energy Systems division says: “Whether you’re on your way back from a long cycle ride and want to make sure there’s enough hot water for a well-deserved shower, or want to turn on the heating from the comfort of your bed without having to find your phone, Evohome is here to help.” 

Evohome is one of the more advanced – and expensive – smart heating systems out there now. Rather than just letting you remotely control the temperature of the whole house, Evohome lets you set up multiple controls for radiators, allowing you to control specific rooms, floors and ‘zones’ throughout the home. Replacing old-style heater controls with internet-connected thermostats lets you fine tune the heating of your home on a granular level. 

In order for the Pebble to send instructions to your Evohome heaters, it’ll need to be connected to a phone, via Bluetooth. The Evohome Pebble app and watch are compatible with both iOS and Android phones. 

Evohome is available to buy now from B&Q, Plumbase, Plumb Arena and City Plumbing, with a starter kit costing around £249. 

Check out our feature where we compare Honeywell’s Evohome to the most popular smart heating systems on the market right now. 


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