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How can I get the 2013/14 English FA Cup on TV?


The FA Cup
The FA Cup

Who has the rights to the 2013/2014 English FA Cup matches?

Live FA Cup coverage is hosted by ITV and BT Sport in 2013/2014.

ITV will show a total of 16 games throughout the tournament including the final. As well as this, ITV has the first pick of every round.

BT Sport will show 25 matches alongside the games on ITV on its ESPN channel. 

The FA Cup Final will be shown live from Wembley on both ITV1 and ESPN.

Why can’t I watch matches with a 3pm kick-off?

The Saturday 3pm ‘closed window’ was created to protect attendances at lower-league games where ticket receipts are a vital source of income.

How can I find out which games are on ITV or BT Sport?

The FA hosts a list of which fixtures are on ITV and ESPN, at Most ITV matches are on ITV1, but some may be shown on ITV4 if a replay clashes with other events in the schedule.

Can I watch the English FA Cup in HD or 3D?

ITV shows all of their games in high definition, which can be seen on Sky, Virgin Media, and Freesat where appropriate.

Sky viewers will need a £10.25/month HD subscription to watch high definition on any channel, Virgin charges £7/month extra for Sky’s premium HD channels.

BT Sport has a standard definition ESPN channel as well as an ESPN HD channel.

There are currently no plans to broacast any games in 3D.


Sky logo
Sky logo

How can I watch the English FA Cup on Sky?

ITV1 and ITV4 are free, but for the full season of games, you’ll need to pay an extra £12/month to get the BT Sport channels or £15/month if you want the BT Sport channels in HD.

Alternatively, you can opt for a BT Broadband connection and get the BT Sport channels for free.

The basic Sky TV Entertainment pack costs £21.50/month. Sky viewers will need a further £10.25/month HD subscription to watch in high definition on any channel.


Virgin Media logo
Virgin Media logo

How can I watch the English FA Cup on Virgin Media?

ITV1 and ITV1 HD are available on the basic Virgin TV M+ package from £7/month. ESPN is only available with the top-tier Virgin TV XL package at £26.50/month, but it’s in HD.


TalkTalk logo
TalkTalk logo

How can I watch the English FA Cup on TalkTalk TV?

Broadband provider TalkTalk now offers its own TV service, based on YouView, with a free Huawei YouView box for subscribers.

There’s no need for a basic subscription, but you need to have TalkTalk broadband and line rental. The cheapest deal for this is TalkTalk Plus with advance line rental, at £24/month.

ITV1 and ITV1 HD are both on Freeview, so there’s no need to pay any more.

Currently, you can’t get BT Sport channels on TalkTalk TV, but we understand that talks between the two companies are happening.


Freeview logo
Freeview logo

How can I watch the English FA Cup on Freeview and Top-Up TV?

Freeview and Freeview HD viewers can watch ITV1 or 4, and ITV1 HD, for no cost.

Since June 5, Top-Up TV has withdrawn from the premium sports broadcast market, meaning you won’t be able to pay extra to watch the BT Sport matches.


BT Vision logo
BT Vision logo

How can I watch the English FA Cup on BT Vision?

If you’ve got any of the BT Infinity fibre-based broadband packages, you’ll be able to get the BT Sport channels via a BT Vision+ box. 

The channels will be free along with your BT Infinity subscription so you won’t have to pay any more.

If you’re not in a BT Infinity area and you have a BT Vision box, you’ll need to see about getting this exchanged for a BT YouView box if you want to access to the BT Sport channels.

ITV1 is available to watch free as normal via BT Vision and BT YouView.


Freesat logo
Freesat logo

How can I watch the English FA Cup on Freesat?

ITV1, ITV4 and ITV1 HD are both available on Freesat for no cost beyond the intial box and installation. ESPN is not available on Freesat.

How can I watch the English FA Cup online?

Anything on ITV1 can be watched live or for up to seven days after broadcast on the ITV Player, via your web browser.

Sky subscribers can watch ESPN and all of their other Sky channels on Sky Go via broadband, WiFi or 3G, on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, selected Android phones and Xbox 360.

If you’re not a Sky subscriber, you can get Sky Go for from £15/month, with ESPN £12/month extra, or £9/month if you have Sky Sports. 


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