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How can I watch Sky Movies?

Sky’s deals with big studio names means Sky Movies is the first place you can watch things like American Sniper, Cinderella, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Wedding Ringer after they’ve finished their run in cinemas.  

Sky Movies is also everywhere these days; it’s no longer an exclusive feature of Sky TV customers. You can add Sky Movies to your Virgin TV subscription as well as BT TV and TalkTalk TV deals. 

Even if you don’t want (or can’t get) pay TV from any of these providers, you’ve also got the option of streaming content from all 11 Sky Movies channels online with Now TV. 

We’ve rounded up all of the Sky Movies deals going and broken down all of the costs. In every case, we’re looking at the absolute cheapest TV deal going from each provider, only listing extra costs like line rental and broadband when you’re required to take them.

We’ve rounded up the best cheap broadband deals as well as broadband only and no-contract deals if you want to take Internet services with Sky Movies. 

How can I get Sky Movies on Sky TV?

Sky TV customers can get Sky Movies for £17/month on top of the requisite Sky Original Bundle (£20/month). 

If you want to be able to watch Sky Movies in HD as well as standard definition, you’ll need to swap the Original Bundle for the Family Bundle (£36/month) and pay the HD Pack premium (£5.25/month) on top of that. 

The basic Sky+HD box, which comes with a 500GB hard drive (185 hours of SD content, 60 hours of HD content) is currently included free with all Sky TV packages. 

Alternatively, you can get a Sky+HD box with a 2TB drive for £249; this gives you room for 1180 hours of SD content and 350 hours of HD content. 

There is a £10 set-up cost associated with all Sky TV subscriptions, which are 12 months long as standard.

TV packages Total Monthly Cost
Sky Original Bundle (£20) + Sky Movies (£17) £37/month
Sky Family Bundle (£36) + Sky Movies (£17) £53/month
Sky Family Bundle (£36) + Sky Movies (£17) + HD Pack (£5.25) £58.25/month

How can I get Sky Movies on Sky Q?

Sky Q is currently only available to new and existing Sky Broadband customers who can sign up here

If you’re not one of those, you can register here for updates to be among the first non-Sky Broadband customers to get Sky Q. 

Regardless of that, Sky Q subscriptions will start at £42/month and the Sky Movies channels will cost an extra £17/month. 

Taking Sky Movies with a Sky Q subscription can see you benefitting from discounted set-up fees, which start at £99. 

The set-up fees you’ll pay for Sky Q depend on whether you’re an upgrading Sky TV customer or you’re new to Sky – see our Sky Q price breakdown feature for the full lowdown

Sky Q contracts are 18 months long as standard. 

TV packages Total Monthly Cost
Sky Q Bundle (£42) + Sky Movies (£17) £59/month
Sky Q Bundle (£54) + Sky Movies (£17) £71/month

How can I watch Sky Movies?

How can I get Sky Movies on Virgin TV? 

Virgin Media TV subscribers have the option to signing up for one of two packages of Sky Movies for £15/month each or both packages for £20/month. Here’s what you get with each Sky Movies package on Virgin Media:

Sky Movies 1

  • Sky Movies Comedy
  • Sky Movies Select
  • Sky Movies Family
  • Sky Movies Drama & Romance
  • Sky Movies Greats

Sky Movies 2

  • Sky Movies Comedy
  • Sky Movies Select
  • Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror
  • Sky Movies Action & Adventure
  • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller

Taking both of these as one bundle also sees you getting Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase and Sky Movies Disney thrown into the bargain. 

If you want to watch any of these channels in high definition, you’ll need to pay an extra £7/month for the HD Premium. 

Virgin Media’s cheapest standalone TV deal (that is just TV, no phone calls, no broadband and no line rental) is More TV, which costs £13/month with the basic V HD box, which lets you watch content in SD and HD, but is driveless, so it can’t record shows. 

If you want a set-top box that can record shows, then you’ll need to pay £18/month for Virgin More TV which will give you a TiVo box with either a 500GB (250 hours of SD, 50 hours of HD) or a 1TB drive (500 hours of SD, 100 hours of HD). 

While the monthly price is the same regardless of which TiVo box you go for, you’ll need to pay a one-off £49.95 fee for the 1TB box. 

TV packages Total Monthly Cost
Virgin More TV with V HD (£13) + Sky Movies 1/2 (£15) £28/month
Virgin More TV with V HD (£13) + Sky Movies Collection (£20) £33/month
Virgin More TV with TiVo (£18) + Sky Movies 1/2 (£15) £33/month
Virgin More TV with TiVo (£18) + Sky Movies Collection (£20) £38/month
Virgin More TV with V HD (£13) + Sky Movies 1/2 (£15) + HD (£7) £35/month
Virgin More TV with V HD (£13) + Sky Movies Collection (£20) + HD (£7) £40/month
Virgin More TV with TiVo (£18) + Sky Movies 1/2 (£15) + HD (£7) £40/month
Virgin More TV with TiVo (£18) + Sky Movies Collection (£20) + HD (£7) £45/month

How can I get Sky Movies with BT TV?  

Sky Movies costs £13.50/month with BT TV subscriptions and is available on a rolling monthly basis.   

The cheapest BT TV package – BT TV Starter – doesn’t come with a monthly cost, but there is a one-off £49 activation fee. 

You’re required to take a BT Infinity service BT Infinity FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based service. At its cheapest, BT Infinity currently costs £10/month plus line rental (£17.99/month or £194.28/year) and a one-off £39 activation fee. This gives you an up to 38Mbps unlimited broadband service with no traffic shaping and a basic PAYG landline calls service. 

According to BT, Infinity is available in over 80 per cent of addresses across the UK, so there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to this. 

Sky Movies channels are not currently available in HD on BT TV. 

TV packages Total Monthly Cost
BT Infinity (£10) + BT TV Starter (£0) + Sky Movies (£13.50) + line rental (£17.99) £41.49/month
BT Infinity (£10) + BT TV Entertainment Plus (£10) + Sky Movies (£13.50) + line rental (£17.99) £51.49/month

How can I watch Sky Movies?

How can I get Sky Movies on TalkTalk TV? 

TalkTalk customers can add the £15/month Sky Movies Boost, which gives you all 11 Sky Movies channels, to both the Essentials and Plus TV bundles. 

TalkTalk TV Essentials costs £7.50/month for the first six months and £10/month thereafter. Plus TV costs £10/month. 

Essentials comes with a basic, driveless YouView box which, while it lacks the ability to record shows, comes with a time buffer that lets you pause up to 15 minutes of live broadcasts. The Plus TV set-top box gives you access to the same channels and services and comes with a 350 GB hard drive (200 hours SD, 80 hours HD). 

As TalkTalk TV is a broadband, TV and calls bundle, you’ll need to take TalkTalk line rental, which costs either £17.70/month or £191.60 up front for 12 month’s worth. 

With no other up front costs besides that of the TalkTalk Plus broadband package, TalkTalk TV is one of the cheapest ways to get Sky Movies on your TV. You can’t currently get Sky Movies on TalkTalk TV in HD. 

TV packages Total Monthly Cost
TalkTalk Essentials TV (£7.50/£10) + Sky Movies Boost (£15) + line rental (£17.70) £40.20/£42.70
TalkTalk Plus TV (£10) + Sky Movies Boost (£15) + line rental (£17.70) £42.70

Now TV Movies Pass 

Read our review of the 2015 Now TV BoxThe Now TV Movies Pass gives you access to streams and on-demand content from all 11 Sky Movies channels and costs £9.99/month. It’s a rolling service, meaning the cash will come out of your account every month, unless you cancel your pass – and when you do you’ll continue to have access ‘til the end of the month. 

Now TV is available on a wide range of platforms including Windows (Internet Explorer, Firefox) Mac OS X (Safari, Firefox) provided you’ve got Microsoft Silverlight installed – this means it won’t work on Chrome now

The Now TV apps for iOS and Android are also Chromecast-compatible and you can also access Now TV on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Roku mini streamers, Now TV boxes, EE TV and LG Smart TVs. 

While there’s a Now TV app for YouView, it’s limited to only showing Sky Movies content on an on-demand basis, meaning you can’t stream live channels. Due to rights restrictions, Now TV can only show some movies on demand on YouView if they’re also appearing on live TV.  

As Now TV is a streaming service you’ll need to factor in the cost of whatever you’re paying for fixed-line and/or mobile broadband services. 

How can I get Sky Movies on Freeview, Freesat and YouView? 

There’s no way to get any of the Sky Movies channels on Freeview, Freesat or YouView. Unless you get a Now TV Box or cast content to your TV via Chromecast, sign up for a pay TV package, you’re not getting any Sky Movies content in your living room. 


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