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How to control Chromecast with Google Assistant on your phone

Chromecast might have been one of the earlier and simpler sling gadgets to make your TV that little bit smarter, but Google continues to improve it with new features. One of the latest updates adds Google Assistant support, for easier control using voice alone.

Now many Chromecast devices offer Google Assistant control, which means you can remote control your telly’s output using your nifty smartphone, and your dulcet tones.

Until now, that privilege was limited to Google Home speakers alone, which was frustrating if your Google Home was sat in one room and your Chromecast in another. Now voice control direct from your smartphone means access to TV and music via the Assistant, in a more mobile and manageable format.

So how do you use your phone to control your Chromecast? At time of publising, this feature has just begun rolling out, so be warned – you may not have the relevant update just yet. But here’s how to find out if you do.

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Control Chromecast with Google Assistant on your phone

First up, you’re going to need to make sure you actually have Google Assistant on your phone. If you’re an Android user then you’re likely already set up and good to go, just by signing into your Google account. For iPhone users, you’ll need to download the app from the App Store and sign in using a Google login.

As long as your Chromecast device is using the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone, you’ll be able to simply say “OK Google” and have it “play Iron Maiden music on Chromecast Audio” or “watch Colin Furze YouTube videos on Chromecast”.

Which Chromecast devices work with Google Assistant on phones?

The short answer to this is: all of them.

Google appears to offer the support of Google Assisant on phones to all of its Chromecast devices. That means it will work for video on Chromecast devices plugged into your TV, and it should also work for music on a Chromecast Audio plugged into a speaker. But it will also work on speakers that support Chromecast too.

When does Google Assistant on phones work with Chromecast?

Google has already begun rolling out the feature to smartphones. Android phones are first in line to get the feature it appears, with iPhones to follow.

If you want to check if you have this feature already, just make sure that both your phone and app are up to date. Next, open Google Assisant saying “Ok Google” and see if it will play anything on Chromecast.

If you can’t get the feature to work yet, that is likely because Google is still rolling this support feature out across devices. Don’t worry, it’ll likely get to you soon.

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