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How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost

TalkTalk TV isn’t just about enjoying the benefits of YouView through a great value unlimited broadband service – it’s a gateway to pay TV on your terms.

TalkTalk is the only UK TV provider that lets you add packs of extra channels on a monthly rolling pay-as-you-go basis instead of a 12-month contract.

You can also rent the latest blockbuster movies such as Man Of Steel and The Croods from the TalkTalk Box Office, in standard and high definition.

Trollied Christmas Special – Christmas Eve on Sky1From £5 a month, TV Boosts include entertainment channels such as Sky 1, Sky Living, Fox, Comedy Central and MTV, children’s channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and the full range of MTV music channels.

Barclays Premier League, Arsenal v Chelsea – Sky Sports 1 December 23You can even add the complete Sky Sports and Sky Movies packages on a month-by-month basis, and access a range of international channels from South Africa, south Asia and Japan in dedicated International Boosts.

TalkTalk TV Boosts: how to get them

Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away – a Christmas Day spectacular on Sky1Another great thing about TalkTalk TV Boosts is that you can set them up with your remote control as well as online.

Just jump through the YouView Guide to channel 401 for Entertainment channels, 440 for International, 501 for Sky Sports, 530 for Sky Movies or 555 for Children’s channels.
Select the channel you want to watch, then press ‘OK’ to jump past the confirmation message that will pop up.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
Find the channel you want to watch, and press OK

You’ll be offered a choice of TV Boosts depending on the channel you’re looking at – Entertainment, Children’s, Music, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and international channels.

Our guide to TalkTalk TV lists the channels in the most popular TV Boosts, as well as explaining lots more about the service.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
Choose your package on screen

You can use the ‘i’ button on your remote control to review the channels you’ll get in each package – and watch out for deals.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
You can examine each boost to find out what channels you’re getting

Select your package, and all you have to do is enter your PIN and the channels will renew every month until you cancel. Happy viewing.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
Enter your PIN to pay for your Boost

Or you can do it online – as we’ve done to access the current online-only £10-for-two-months offer for the Entertainment Boost.

You’ll get an email to confirm your upgrade, and the channels should be opened up in around 10 minutes (although it could take up to 24 hours). 

TalkTalk TV Boosts: how to unsubscribe

When your first 30 days on any package has expired, you can go to your account and cancel at any time. 

It will take 48 hours to process your request, and if you’re halfway into a month, you’ll still have to pay for it in full.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
You can use your TalkTalk MyAccount to change your Boosts

TalkTalk Box Office: how to rent

Get a hero for Christmas – watch Man of Steel in HDTalkTalk Box Office has a great selection of the latest blockbuster films and popular favourites, which you can rent for 48 hours.

You can select from an amazing high definition experience for just £4.50, or standard definition for £3.50.

To start, press the ‘TalkTalk’ button on your remote control and press ‘OK’ to access all channels, then ‘OK’ again to see the TalkTalk Box Office menu.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
Pick from a selection of TalkTalk Box Office movies

Laugh off your Christmas Day excess with The Hangover part IIIBrowse around using the direction keys, and play as many trailers as you like – the green button will start them. You can also use the yellow button to add films to your Watchlist so you can watch them quickly later.

When you’re ready, select the film you want – we’ve gone for Superman’s return in Man Of Steel – and choose HD or standard. The four digits of your PIN number are now all that stand between you and home cinema heaven.

How to give TalkTalk TV a Christmas boost
Rent the latest blockbusters at the push of a button


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