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How to hide Timehop from Facebook permanently

Timehop is one of the latest services to invade people’s Facebook feeds. 

While over 10 million people seem to love the auto-nostalgia generator – it reposts past status updates and photos you’ve uploaded – plenty of others (this writer included) aren’t so bothered. 

Normally, its fairly easy to hide something you don’t want to see and more or less tailor the news feed experience to your liking. But like a bad case of crabs, getting rid of Timehop can be tricky. 

In case you didn’t know, hiding updates from Candy Crush Saga, Game of War and Give Me Sport is usually a case of clicking on the little grey chevron top right in someone’s status and clicking through until you get to the ‘Hide All From’ option. 

How to hide Timehop from Facebook permanently

This is great, because it lets you unclutter your feed without having to hurt the feelings of friends posting links to stuff that makes you want to claw your own throat out. 

The problem is, Hide All From doesn’t always seem to work in Timehop’s case, at least, according to the Facebook users posting on this ‘“Hide TimeHop” option does not hide it’ page. How to hide Timehop from Facebook permanently

So how do you get rid of Timehop permanently? 

The best thing to do is to head over to the Settings page and go to the Blocking menu. This is where you manage things like your Restricted List – where you can block people from seeing everything you post (with the exception of public material) – your Block List (if, for whatever reason, you need to perma-ban someone) and where you can block apps. 

Type ‘Timehop’ into this field, click it when it appears and that’s it, you’re good to go. 

How to hide Timehop from Facebook permanently

We tried this method out ourselves and were unable to see any mentions of Timehop in our news feeds. Even when we looked on the profile pages of friends that we know use it, we couldn’t see any Timehop posts once it had been disabled in the Settings page. 

Even when we roped in fellow Recombu writer Alex Todd to tag yours truly in a Timehop post, I wasn’t able to see it. 

How to hide Timehop from Facebook permanentlyHow to hide Timehop from Facebook permanently

The only time Timehop was visible was when we actively searched for it – though quite why anyone would actively search for something they’d spent time blocking is beyond us. 

Even then, with Timehop disabled, it seems like a few folks on the original page had trouble getting rid of it entirely. Closing your browser and/or clearing the cache could be all that you need to do. 

We’ve reached out to Facebook for advice on what to do if you’ve blocked something (or someone) and it’s/they’re still popping up. Let us know how you get on in the comments. 


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