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We’ve played the Stranger Things game on Google Home and here’s how

Already binged on the second Stranger Things season and smashed through the mobile game? Well, now you can interact with the show’s characters through your Google Home speaker in a brand new audio game, which is free to play. Here’s how to get started and what we think of this innovative smart speaker Stranger Things experience.

Stranger Things season 2 finally arrived on Netflix in time for Halloween and most fans have of course already binge viewed it. If you’ve witnessed the climax and now have an empty feeling inside, there’s always the Stranger Things iOS and Android game to blast through on your phone. But when that’s completed, then what? Well, why not try the Stranger Things the audio game for Google Home smart speakers?

Yup, using Google’s speakers you can chat with some your favourite characters from the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, and help unravel the latest mysteries befalling the fair folk of Hawkins, Indiana.

So how do you get to join the Justin, Elle, Hopper and the gang on your very own mission? The good news is, this is a free-to-play game and it’s easy to set up, as long as you own one of the Google Home smart devices of course. This is what you need to do.

Stranger Things on Google Home

The Google Home Stranger Things game is a voice-based interactive platform that lets you take part in funky challenges, set within the fantasy world of Stranger Things. By interacting with the series’ characters, as if you were talking on their legendary walkie talkies, you can help them survive another harrowing encounter with beasties from the Upside Down world.

Using the Google Home microphones, you can engage with the characters simply by talking. They’ll respond directly through the Home’s speaker and lay down puzzles or tasks for you to tackle. This is essentially an interactive puzzle game, where you use your voice as the controller. Smart stuff.

Stranger Things on Google Home: How to play

To get the Stranger Things game up and running, you simply need to say to your Google Home, “Hey Google, talk to Dustin from Stranger Things”. You’ll then be answered by Dustin himself saying, “Hello? This is Dustin. I found something…”

You can then delve into the wonderful world of Hawkins to help the gang. Work out riddle-like puzzles to help progress the game’s story and open up even more challenges.

Don’t expect ta lengthy experience, although the game is certainly well presented and good fun to play, as you’ll see from our review. Plus, it should help to keep you afloat with a Hawkins fix for a wee bit longer, while we wait impatiently for Stranger Things season three.

Stranger Things on Google Home: Hands-on review

Warning! If you don’t want to read any spoilers from season two of Stranger Things then you shouldn’t play this game just yet, and definitely stop reading right now. For those of you that either don’t mind spoilers or have already seen season two, read on.

The Stranger Things game on Google Home, as you’ve probably guessed, is set in season two of the show. It follows a small part of the plot where Dustin has found what he thinks is a new species, like a Pollywog. It’s actually a baby creature from the Upside Down that he names Dart after D’artagnan from the Three Musketeers, as it likes to eat a sweet bar of the same name.

When you start talking to Dustin he first of all tests you to see if he can trust you by asking what Eleven’s favourite food is. Then, when you get it right, he says that’s an easy one to start you off – leaving you nervous of the challenges ahead. You’re then asked to advise him on where to store the creature with options laid out for you pick from. If you’ve seen the series you know what he does there so can easily get it right first time. If not, then this could be a bit more challenging. Of course you’re ultimately guided to the right answer so the story continues.

One of the nice parts of this interactive game is that after each question and answer you’re asked if you can still talk. If you say no, the game is paused. Then when you start it up again you’re taken right back in where you left off. A really nice touch that lets you dip in and out as you need. Although with the cool Stranger Things sound effects and excited characters’ voices it is really hard to stop playing.

As you progress, more characters from the show join in on their walkie talkies so you can interact on a wider scale. There’s a genuine feeling of being swept up into the excitement of their world and a need to help out.

We won’t go into any more detail as that would just give away the entire game. If you have a Google Home this is a must play. Since you don’t have to commit any chunk of time, or money, to it this is definitely worth a go – if nothing else other than to see one possible future way we could be interacting with entertainment more in the future.

Check out the trailer below to see the Stranger Things on Google Home teaser.


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