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How to watch F1 races in 4K Ultra HD or VR in 2018

How can I watch every F1 race in 4K Ultra HD resolution in 2018? Here’s the full schedule of this year’s F1 2018 coverage, including what you need to know about streaming the races in 4K or even enjoying the action in VR.

Formula One fans have plenty of juicy racing action to look forward to in 2018, with coverage of the F1 season beginning later this month. Of course, to really enjoy the fast-paced turns and heart-rending overtaking, you’ll want to watch every race the way it was meant to be broadcast: in supremely crisp 4K resolution.

Ultra HD 4K visuals don’t just offer improved clarity, so you can clearly make out every last detail of the cars as they speed along the tracks (including any bits that happen to fly off at 120mph). Watching F1 races in 4K means you’ll also enjoy faster frame rates, for an impressively smooth experience. All the more essential given the fast-paced nature of the sport.

How can I watch F1 2018 races in 4K?

Sky has just announced that its Sky Sports F1 channel will exclusively show all 21 race weekends, including every practice, qualifying and race. This racing action is available to Sky Sports customers to watch as they please. However, to enjoy Sky’s F1 content in 4K resolution you’ll need to be on a Sky Q subscription and have the 2TB Sky Q box, not to mention a 4K Ultra HD TV.

The action kicks off on March 25.

Sky Q doesn’t just offer Formula One in 4K resolution, however. You can also take full advantage of Sky’s new Split Screen Mode, which gives you interactive access to different camera angles, on-demand replays and plenty more besides.

How can I watch F1 2018 races in VR?

This year, F1 fans can also enjoy some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the Team McLaren and Mercedes pre-season. Best of all, this all-access footage can be viewed up close and personal, with Sky VR.

Check out our complete guide to Sky VR for all you need to know.

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