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How to watch the Isle of Wight Festival 2017 in 4K Ultra HD

The Isle of Wight Festival 2017 will be broadcast on UK TV for those who can’t make it, and this year you can watch in glorious 4K Ultra HD resolution. Here’s how to tune in and what you’ll need to do to enjoy those supremely crisp visuals.

This year’s Isle of Wight Festival promises a strong variety of musical acts as always, including headliners such as David Guetta, Run DMC, Kaiser Chiefs, The Kooks and everyone’s mum’s favourite Scot crooner Rod Stewart. Spread across three days in June, the festival should attract strong viewership on the Gogglebox, from everyone who can’t be there in person.

When is the Isle of Wight Festival 2017?

This year the festival kicks off on Thursday June 8, with a small selection of acts including Razorlight and Starsailor taking the stage in the Big Top. However, the show really gets going on Friday June 9, which is when the television coverage also begins.

You can tune into the Isle of Wight Festival live on Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11.

How can I watch the Isle of Wight Festival 2017 on TV?

Sky has excusive TV rights to the festival in 2017, so you’ll need to be a Sky customer in order to watch it on the telly. Coverage will appear on the Sky Arts channel between Friday June 9 and Sunday June 11.

Sky will broadcast four hours of live music from the festival each night, covering the headline acts from the main stage and the Big Top. This coverage will be hosted by Edith Bowman, Maya Jama and Ricky Wilson off of the Kaiser Chiefs. So you can of course expect Top Bantz of the highest order, or something.

How can I watch the Isle of Wight Festival 2017 in 4K?

If you want the hyper realism of being at the festival with none of the pongy toilets, rip-off booze and other people invading your personal space, we have good news. The Isle of Wight Festival 2017 is the first music festival to be broadcast in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

To enjoy these gorgeous visuals, you’ll need to be a Sky Q customer. Standard Sky customers can only watch the festival in standard Full HD. Check out our feature on how to watch 4K shows on Sky Q for more info.

Of course, you’ll need more than just a Sky Q subscription to enjoy the Isle of Wight Festival in Ultra HD. You’ll also need a decent 4K TV and the proper home setup. Check out our ‘is your home 4K ready‘ guide for all you need to know.

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