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How to watch the FA Cup Final 2017 on your TV, phone, tablet and more

The football season has once again drawn to a close, which can mean only one thing: the FA Cup 2017 final is here, pitting Arsenal against Chelsea in what’s sure to be a bitter battle. Here’s how to watch or stream the final on your telly or mobile devices.

The best way to enjoy all the action between FA Cup finalists Arsenal and Chelsea would be to head over to Wembley Stadium and watch the game live. Of course, getting tickets at this stage without remortgaging your house might be a bit of a challenge. Watching on TV is a far cheaper option, offering a prime view of the action, while you can also stream the match online using a phone, tablet or other device.

This guide reveals how to catch the big game live when it kicks-off on Sunday.

When is the FA Cup final 2017 kick off time?

The FA Cup final for 2017 is being played at Wembley Stadium at 5:30pm BST on Sunday, May 27. Arsenal and Chelsea are the finalists who will go head-to-head for the title.

For US viewers, the game is on at 12:30pm ET on Fox.

Which channels are showing the FA Cup final 2017?

The FA Cup final for 2017 is going to be aired on TV via BBC One and BT Sport 2.

BBC One is free to watch of course, at least for anyone who’s paid their licence fee. For those with BT Sport or other subscriptions, BT Sport 2 is another option – check out our guide on how to watch BT Sport on a variety of subscription services.

How can I watch the FA Cup final 2017 in 4K resolution?

Both the BBC and BT Sport will offer the match in HD resolution, so you can expect sharp 1080p visuals.

Sadly BT Sport is not showing the match in 4K resolution for BT Sport 4K UHD customers. You can only watch in Full HD.

How can I stream the FA Cup final 2017 on my phone or tablet?

If you can’t get to a telly or your reception is rubbish, you can also stream the match online.

To watch the game over the internet on your phone, tablet or TV streaming device, head to the BBC iPlayer app. This now offers live TV streamed over any internet connection, be it WiFi or your mobile data connection – although bear in mind that the second option will eat into your monthly data allowance.

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Since that app is available on iOS, Android, smart TVs, connected devices such as the Nvidia Shield TV and games consoles, you should be able to catch the game no matter where you are or what device you own.

How can I watch the FA Cup final 2017 outside of the UK?

If you reside outside of the UK then you’ll have to pay to watch the FA Cup final match.

The game is being aired on Fox in the US, so if you have that channel you’re all set. Failing that, there are numerous sites that will be streaming the game and you could always use a VPN to trick the iPlayer into thinking you’re in the UK. Not that we’d be recommending any of those shady sorts of actions, of course.

There are other US options like fuboTV, Sling TV or the PlayStation Vue, some of which include a free trial subscription that will get you enough time to enjoy the game.


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