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Huawei’s E5786 MiFi is the key to EE’s 300Mbps 4G – and it uses QR CODES

Huawei’s latest 4G MiFi the E5786 has been announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and promises download speeds of up to 300Mbps. 

At the moment this appears to be the only MiFi device going that will let EE customers tap into the top speeds available on the market. EE’s latest speed boost back in November 2013 saw top speeds available on the network climbing to 300Mbps

Due to the limitations of 4G LTE equipment in current phones, tablets and MiFi there was no device on the market that could come close to getting speeds like this, until now. 

Huawei’s E5786 MiFi is the key to EE’s 300Mbps 4G - and it uses QR CODES
One Fast MiFi: The Huawei E5786 is the only device right now that can come close to delivering EE’s top speed

This is due to the E5786 being a Category 6 LTE device. Previous models like the E5776 were Category 4 certified, meaning they could only handle top speeds of 150Mbps. 

Huawei says that the HiSilicon LTE Cat 6 chipset running on a HPM Cortex A9 processor is a world first. In a nutshell, this is basically the fastest MiFi device available. 

Given the factors that determine the actual download speed you get on your network, the chances of you actually getting 300Mbps through one of these are slimmer than a size zero model on diet pills. All the same, the top speed you do get ought to be faster than most fixed-line connections, if recent tests are anything to go by

Huawei’s E5786 MiFi is the key to EE’s 300Mbps 4G - and it uses QR CODES
Oh hey there QR Code. We’ve not seen you since 2011.

An interesting quirk of the Huawei E5786 is that the central screen which normally displays things like battery life and signal strength also does away with the need for you to laboriously enter the WiFi password every time. 

The screen will also display the WiFi SSID as a QR code, meaning all you’d need to do to join the network would be to hold your phone’s camera up to the screen. 

The E5786’s battery comes with over 10 hours of continuous use time and over 500 hours of standby time. You can also use it to charge other devices using it, so it acts as a spare battery for phones and tablets as well. 

Prices and a UK launch date have yet to be revealed. Given Huawei’s close relationship with EE we’d expect to see this offered alongside EE mobile broadband contracts in the near future. 



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