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Hyperoptic eyes up Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield for gigabit broadband action

Hyperoptic has announced plans to bring its gigabit broadband services to four more UK cities – Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. 

The fibre provider will soon start selling FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband in various developments and apartments throughout the cities, letting residents sign up for a number of superfast and hyperfast services. 

Hyperoptic’s top level service gives subscribers download and upload speeds of 1Gbps (1,000Mbps), unlimited downloads with no traffic shaping or peak time management for £50/month.  

Hyperoptic eyes up Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield for gigabit broadband action

While a gigabit service might seem excessive to some, Hyperoptic also offers an entry-level 20Mbps service for £12.50/month and a mid-tier symmetrical 100Mbps product for £25/month. 

Hyperoptic’s managing director Dana Tobak recently told Recombu that while many people won’t sign up for gigabit services, everyone will want this kind of service eventually. The Hyperoptic plan is all about delivering a network capable of handling future demand. 

Tobak said: “Our mission is to provide a true fibre infrastructure, which empowers residents to future-proof their online lives. In today’s age, broadband should be an enabler, not a hindrance. A fast, consistent, dependable fibre connection is now essential for entertainment, socialising and work. 
“With symmetrical gigabit speeds, you can be guaranteed that you can enjoy the best of what the internet has to offer. As a result, the reception to our products and services has been phenomenal. We remain committed to expand our footprint and availability across the UK.”

Hyperoptic is now connecting (or preparing to connect) properties in 12 cities – London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Reading, Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow

This latest expansion puts the pure fibre ISP in reach of 75,000 homes. By 2018 Hyeroptic wants to have 500,000 paying customers. 

In London, Hyperoptic’s gigabit footprint now extends to developments across the city; from central riverside apartments out to homes near the M25. The service is also live in Cardiff and Bristol, and installations are taking place in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Reading.

Hyperoptic mainly brings its services to MDU’s (multi-dwelling units) which is construction industry speak for what most of us would call large apartment blocks and new build developments. 

To reduce costs Hyperoptic has sought our partnerships with construction firms including Barratt London and Regis Group. 

Paul McFadyen, Director, Regis Group Plc: “Broadband has become a key consideration that affects where people choose to live, alongside being close to friends, family and good transport links. It forms the foundation of the connected home. 

“By partnering with Hyperoptic we can be guaranteed that our residents have a seamless broadband experience today, and that the connection is future-proofed for the next era of technology.”

It’s not currently known which developments in the four new cities Hyperoptic will be connecting first. Hyperoptic announced it was coming to Cardiff back in February but the first customers didn’t get online until September this year.  


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