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Brummin’ ell! Hyperoptic’s fibre broadband connects Birmingham to 1,000Mbps speeds

Hyperoptic’s first customers in Birmingham’s Queens College Chambers are now feeling the benefits of full-fat fibre to the premises; top download and upload speeds of 1,000Mbps. 

The fibre-only ISP announced plans to hook up with bandwidth-hungry Brummies last year and the fancy city centre development is the first place where services are going live. 

Hyperoptic offers a basic 20Mbps down and 1Mbps up service from £7.50/month, which comes with unlimited downloads and no traffic shaping as standard. Those who want a faster service can opt for the mid-range 100Mbps symmetrical service (that’s 100Mbps download and upload speeds) for £12/month or if you’ve really got cash to burn, there’s the top tier gigabit service offering speeds of up to 1,000Mbps both ways for £30/month. 

Related: Hyperoptic’s 12 month and no contract broadband prices revealedChances are if you can afford to live in Queens College Chambers, £30 is nothing – the penthouse suite, as of August last year, would set you back £3,000/month

Aside from the Chambers, Hyperoptic plans to connect ‘thousands’ more customers in Birmingham this year, but is being tight-lipped about exact numbers or even where it’s going. 

Tim Huxtable, Hyperoptic’s national team manager, paints a picture of the impact he expects gigabit broadband to have. 

“We are thrilled to switch on our gigabit services in Birmingham and add the city to our dedicated fibre network, said Huxtable. 

“Across the city the average broadband speed is 20.7Mbps – we are charging this up by over 4,000 per cent, taking the time from downloading a HD movie from approximately seven minutes to seven seconds.”

The London-based ISP typically targets new build residential complexes comprising 50 apartments or more and plans its network expansion based on demand – so if you want some, get in touch. 

Pro-active renters who want to see Hyperoptic come to their neck of the woods can apply to become a Champion, which sees you having to drum up local support for engineers to set up their wares in your apartment block. For your services, you could get a year’s worth of gigabit fibre broadband all paid up in advance. 

Hyperoptic is also available across central London, Cardiff, Reading, Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Leeds

If you want to check your current speed to see if you’re getting the best possible connection for your money, our broadband speed test tool can help.


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