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Hyperoptic’s 1,000Mbps broadband lights up first Liverpool homes

Pure fibre broadband provider Hyperoptic is now live in Liverpool, bringing speeds of up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) to early adopters. 

The next-gen FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connection means that customers can get a much more reliable service and enjoy significantly faster speeds than you would with than old-school ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based services. 

Ofcom figures from 2013 pegged the average download speed enjoyed by Liverpudlians at 19.3Mbps. While that figure has likely crept up since then, the top tier service offered by Hyperoptic will still outstrip anything you’d be able to get from the likes of BT or Virgin Media. 

Hyperoptic’s national team manager Tim Huxtable, said: “Hyperoptic is revolutionising broadband in Liverpool. We are investing millions in telecoms infrastructure to extend our footprint. 

“The reception to our services has been phenomenal – the difference in experience is like chalk and cheese – with 19.3Mbps, a 50GB game would take over seven hours to download, but less than seven minutes with our gigabit connection.” 

Related: Hyperoptic’s 2015 price changesThe basic Hyperoptic service costs £9/month plus line rental (£16/month) which gives you download and upload speeds of 20Mbps and 1Mbps respectively. 

If you want a bit more bandwidth, £22/month plus line rental gets you a symmetrical 100Mbps service (that’s 100Mbps down and up). The premium Hyperoptic service costs £47/month plus line rental, but for your money you will get an ultrafast symmetrical 1Gbps service. 

Unlimited downloads and no traffic management are standard features of all Hyperoptic services. 

Currently only available to residents of city centre developments like The Reach on Leeds Street, Hyperoptic 

Hyperoptic is live across five developments in Liverpool including: Hamilton House, Waterloo Warehouse, The Reach and X Building. 

An unnamed resident of The Reach is quoted saying: “I work in IT I could immediately understand the potential – forget regular, fast or superfast, Hyperoptic offer ultra and hyperfast broadband. It’s faster and easier to work from my home than the office; forget waiting for files to down/upload and the VPN connection failing.
“I can download full HD movies in seconds and entire box sets in minutes. Because the upload speed matches the download I can now use my home media server wherever I’m located – away on business or holiday – to watch my downloaded content.

Residents of Wapping Quay, Kings Dock Mill, Princes Dock and City Quay will be able to order Hyperoptic services soon. Installations are currently taking place in a further 16 developments and the plan is to have the majority of premises across the city covered by the end of the year. 

Hyperoptic specialises in connecting large city apartment blocks and new build developments with 50 or more units. Installations are prioritised by demand from residents and freeholders, so if you want Hyperoptic to come to your part of town, you can register your interest here


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