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Fibre to the Pier: Hyperoptic brings gigabit broadband to Brighton

Hyperoptic has fingered Brighton as the next UK city that’ll benefit from an injection of ultrafast gigabit fibre broadband. 

The London-based ISP reveals it picked Brighton for its next drive of expansion after being ‘inundated’ with requests for its wares from would-be residential customers, businesses and property developers. 

Hyperoptic exclusively offers FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)-based services, which can deliver top download and upload speeds of 1Gbps. As well as this, there’s an entry level 20Mbps down and 1Mbps up package and a symmetrical 100Mbps service for customers who want a reliable connection but perhaps don’t quite need to have a gigabit service. 

Related: Hyperoptic’s no contract and 12 month broadband contracts explainedResidents of the iconic Sussex Heights development are the first in Brighton to feel the benefits of Hyperoptic’s ultrafast services. 

It’s currently unclear where Hyperoptic will go next in Brighton, but the company says it’s installing hardware in ‘a number’ of other developments and expects that ‘thousands’ of Brightonians will be Hyperoptic customers by the end of the year. 

Hyperoptic typically, but not exclusively, installs its services in large apartment blocks like Sussex Heights, where it’s able to serve several customers at once with a single fibre to the building connection. 

More recently, the company has signed deals with local authorities in south London and Salford, which sees social housing tenants able to get a basic service for free. As of yet, there’s no indication that a similar deal is on the cards with Brighton and Hove City Council. 

Philip Cooper, Director – South East, Hyperoptic, comments: “Brighton is renowned for being home to one of the most vibrant digital scenes in the UK. For digital communities to thrive it is imperative that they have the infrastructure that will help, rather than hinder, their development. 

“Brighton has been on our radar as our next hyper-city for over a year – we have already been inundated with demand from developments, residents and businesses that want access to the fastest broadband in the UK so we are thrilled to announce that we are officially adding it our hyper-city club.”

Brighton is the thirteenth city to join the ‘hyper’ ranks, which includes London, Cardiff, Bristol, Reading, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and Nottingham. 


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