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Hyperoptic’s gigabit fibre broadband hits first Manchester premises

Pure fibre ISP Hyperoptic has started piping gigabit broadband services to its first Manchester customers. 

Mancunians in Sovereign Point and Imperial Point in Salford Quays can now tap into a range of services, including a 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) service for just £50/month plus line rental. 

Hyperoptic’s broadband service is superior to most super and ultrafast services available in the UK, because the company uses FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections instead of FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and hybrid fibre cable. 

FTTP provides a pure connection to properties, which ensures that top download speeds are not dictated by distance, like the FTTC services on offer from BT, TalkTalk, Zen, Sky, Direct Save and others, can be. 

Hyperoptic offers a basic service that provides download speeds of 20Mbps and uploads of 1Mbps. This’ll set you back just £12.50/month. 

Including the standard cost of line rental (£12.50/month) this rises to £25/month – which compares pretty well to most superfast broadband packages on offer right now. Unlimited downloads are included as standard with all packages and Hyperoptic does not shape traffic. 

If you need a bit more headroom, you can get a 100Mbps service for £25/month plus line rental. This ‘symmetrical’ service gives you download and upload speeds of 100Mbps. 

The top level gigabit package costs a total of £62.50/month with line rental and will give you speeds of 1Gbps down and up. 

In fact, anyone able to sign up for Hyperoptic right now gets the first three months of their service for nothing

Hyperoptic mainly targets big developments and new apartments instead of suburbs. It’s business model means it can install a single pure fibre connection in one building and then individually connect apartments when customers sign up. 

Simon Wilson from The Emerson Group, which manages the newly-connected buildings, said: “This area is constantly developing and there is an obligation to offer residents real technological advances to match their lifestyle demands.

“The new hyper-fast connectivity is already making a practical difference to users’ online lives and adding to the value of the property for residents and owners alike.” 

Hyperoptic already offers services in London Cardiff and Bristol, and installations are happening right now in Liverpool, Leeds and Reading. Orders are being taken in Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham, but services aren’t currently live in these cities. 

Managing director Dana Tobak said that while Hyperoptic focusses on connecting ‘multi-dwelling units’ – property developer-speak for blocks of flats – it’s also considering launching cheaper services for social housing and council developments at some point in the future. 


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