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Hyperoptic Leeds the ultrafast fibre broadband charge in Yorkshire

Hyperoptic has launched its ludicrously fast gigabit fibre broadband in the Yorkshire city of Leeds. 

The county might be the home of good honest broadband from Plusnet, but the plcuky BT-owned ISP can’t touch newcomers Hyperoptic in terms of speed. 

Fibre installation is underway in city centre development The Basilica along with Twenty Twenty and a number of Eddisons properties, including Skyline, Waterside and Bridgewater Place.

Other new builds in Leeds have been greenlit for some Hyperoptic fibre. The company hasn’t said where exactlyt, but added that ‘thousands’ of citizens and companies throughout the city would soon be able to order Hyperoptic’s services. 

Hyperoptic’s FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)-based products offer users download and upload speeds of 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) with no traffic shaping or data limits, for £50/month.

If 1Gbps seems like overkill to you, then there’s a symmetrical 100Mbps service for £25/month and a basic 20Mbps down and 1Mbps up product which costs £12.50/month.  Line rental, charged at £12.50/month, is applicable on all packages. 

As Hyperoptic offers full fibre packages, speeds aren’t affected by your proximity to a BT exchange or street cabinet. 

Following successful launches in Greater London, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester and Cardiff, Hyperoptic’s services are now available in over 100,000 premises. The company has already begun eyeing up its next target cities – Newcastle, Nottingham, Glasgow and Sheffield, with installations already underway in the Steel City, with a view to reaching 500,000 properties by 2018.

Hyperoptic’s service is deployed to a whole building, be that your own home or an apartment complex, and the lightning-fast gigabit service gives you speeds head and shoulders above the current UK average

Hyperoptic’s expansion is slow and steady, to say the least, but if you’re keen on them rolling into your town, you could see about becoming a ‘Hyperoptic Champion’ and end up with a year’s free gigabit broadband for your efforts. 

You can check your current broadband speed, to see if it’s anywhere near Hyperoptic’s numbers, with our broadband speed test tool.


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