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Scottish No vote sees Hyperoptic greenlight Glasgow for gigabit broadband

Glasgow residents will soon be able to tap into gigabit broadband speeds thanks to pure fibre ISP Hyperoptic. 

The London-based ISP has announced that Glasgow will be the next city where it will install connections providing download and upload speeds of up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). 

Echoing sentiments from other UK ISPs, Hyperoptic’s managing director Dana Tobak admits that has Scotland voted Yes in the independence referendum, then it might not have come to Glasgow at all. 

Speed boost: Glasgow premises will soon benefit from some hyperfast Hyperoptic broadband
Speed boost: Glasgow premises will soon benefit from some hyperfast Hyperoptic broadband

While Tobak said that “The excitement of self-determination inspired our announcement. We were considering Glasgow previously, but the No vote made it a no brainer. 

“Now that Scotland has confirmed that it will be staying within the UK, it is the perfect time to announce that Glasgow will be the next hyper-city. We look forward to bringing gigabit broadband, the fastest consumer broadband speeds in the UK, to Scotland.”

Prior to the final day of voting, ISPs big and small lined up to voice their concerns over the possible costs of operating in two countries and having to work with two telecoms regulators. 

Hyperoptic, which has recently started delivering gigabit services to apartments in Cardiff, hasn’t admitted when it will start installing services in Glasgow, it’s just confirmed that it will be coming to Scotland’s biggest city. 

The ISP, which specialises in delivering FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband to apartment blocks and new builds, previously only supplied customers in London. Since receiving investment of over £50 million in 2013, Hyperoptic has announced plans to bring services to six other cities – Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Reading, Bristol and Cardiff

Hyperoptic plans to bring gigabit broadband to ten cities by the end of 2012. 


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