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Insteon plugs smart home control tech into the UK

American home automation range Insteon has arrived in the UK with networked remote control for appliances, lighting, heating, energy and security.

Prices start at £99.99 for the Insteon hub, which connects other devices to your home network and the internet, with control modules from around £40.

The Insteon system works over both your home’s mains wiring and its own wireless network, with each device working as a two-way repeater to boost signals around your home.

Insteon plugs smart home control tech into the UK
Insteon devices can be controlled via Android (above), iOS, PC, Mac and remote

Insteon chief Joe Dada said: “Insteon uses a unique, dual-band approach to provide unrivalled reliability. Using the existing mains wiring in the home combined with radio-frequency communication, our devices allow you to manage your home the way you want. 

“Easy to install and set up, we can give you more control in your home and make life safer, more energy efficient and much more fun.”

As well as the smartphone apps for iOS and Android, and PC control, there are also wireless micro-remotes for controlling up to eight devices, from around £40.

Applications include:

  • Lighting: remote control, on/off, dim/bright and scene lighting with socket, switch and fusebox controllers.
  • Appliances: on/off control helps save energy and money.
  • HVAC: remote and thermostatic control of Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC).
  • Security: detects when someone is in your home via cameras and entry and motion sensors.
  • Energy: monitor, control and save on your energy usage with power, temperature and humidity sensors.

Sadly, Insteon isn’t bringing its US starter kits, so users will have to build their own collections bit-by-bit, from retailers including Amazon, BMB Electronics and Marmitek.

Insteon plugs smart home control tech into the UK
The Insteon Hub: it’s not what’s on the outside that counts


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